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The spectrum of light | Meet the experts


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  • Published On: 2022-03-06 16:37:42
  • Video Published/Author: European Space Agency, ESA
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Light is all around us, and it plays an important role in life on Earth. But did you know light goes beyond what our eyes can see? Join this guided tour through the electromagnetic spectrum and discuss how the James Webb Space Telescope can help us to see the invisible, with ESA astronomer Nora Lützgendorf.

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  1. Foi graças a este espectro …dado que cada elemento químico tem as riscas de absorção características que permitem a sua identificação …foi pelos estudos que se descobriu a presença de hélio no interior do Sol …O que é que o espectro do Webb vai descobrir à luz dos seus engenhos?!

  2. Red Shift: Consider the following:

    a. Current narrative: Space itself is expanding. (Even though science does not fully know yet what 'space' actually is nor how it could actually expand).

    b. But consider: The net effect of solar winds, particles and energy pushing outward from galaxies, (even modern science claims 'em' has momentum), continuously, over a prolonged period of time, with other galaxies doing the same, with nothing to stop them from doing so, would tend to push galaxies away from each other and even potentially allow the cosmic web to form between galaxies.

    And then, when we here in our galaxy, look at far away galaxies, with other galaxies in between, the net effect of all those galactic interactions would have galaxies furthest from ours move away faster the further those galaxies were from us, including us perceiving a red shift of energy.

    c. Now, utilizing the scientific principal of Occam's razor, which way is more probably correct? What the current narrative is ('a' above), or 'b' utilizing known physics?

  3. Consider also: Color does not exist in this universe, except for within the mind.
    Why is the sky blue? It isn't. It is only a trick within the mind.
    Why are people's skin color different? They aren't. It is only a trick within the mind.
    'Color' only exists in the mind in this universe.

  4. Consider the following:

    a. Numbers: Modern science does not even know how numbers and certain mathematical constants exist for math to do what math does. (And nobody as of yet has been able to show me how numbers and certain mathematical constants can come from the Standard Model Of Particle Physics).

    b. Space: Modern science does not even know what 'space' actually is nor how it could actually expand.

    c. Time: Modern science does not even know what 'time' actually is nor how it could actually vary.

    d. Gravity: Modern science does not even know what 'gravity' actually is nor how gravity actually does what it appears to do.

    e. Speed of Light: 'Speed', distance divided by time, distance being two points in space with space between those two points. But yet, here again, modern science does not even know what space and time actually are that makes up 'speed' and they also claim that space can expand and time can vary, so how could they truly know even what the speed of light actually is that they utilize in many of the formulas? Speed of light should also vary depending upon what space and time it was in. And if the speed of light can vary in space and time, how then do far away astronomical observations actually work that are based upon light and the speed of light that could vary in actual reality?

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