They Are NOT From Our Solar System…Gigantic Hollowed-Out Alien Vehicles Are Watching Us Right Now – YouTube

They Are NOT From Our Solar System...Gigantic Hollowed-Out Alien Vehicles Are Watching Us Right Now


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We are told that life does not exist beyond the confines of Earth. Still, if this is true, someone needs to explain why enormous machines have been detected in space. They come in all shapes and sizes, from hollowed-out Moons and asteroids to gigantic spaceships and carrying out manoeuvres that would be impossible for any Earthly vehicles. Were they constructed to watch our progress from a distance, and will they make themselves known when we have advanced both technologically and spiritually?

00:00:13 Self Replicating Machines
00:13:52 Something is Eating Saturn’s Rings
00:27:00 Iapetus Spaceship
00:40:08 Phobos Moon
00:53:37 Black Knight Satellite
01:08:17 Oumuamua Mystery


  1. "Invisible to our own primitive detection systems" ; This seems to be the reason why we have not been successful in our quest to locate alien life, either on earth or in outer space . I think, with our current advances in science and technology, we have yet to create a link between what is real to us in our world and theirs .

  2. If they were extremely advanced why would they need any type of vehicles period if they want to visit they can possess your mind and get a real life observation literally of what humans were like and capable of and they could manipulate their behavior to meet their objectives and it isn't aliens it's us from the ancient past that escaped the ancient solar events and we returned to help the survivors along but until the earth's contamination period was over we they had to avoid direct contact

  3. Well if those statistics are accurate then that means statistically we could have developed space travel billions of years ago when the solar events occurred and then returned to see if the planet was safe yet and apparently it was

  4. Don´t think extraterrestrials are expecting us to develop a certain intellectual level, but a moral level. They are intelligent, they can deal with our level of intelligence, althought they don´t want to have communication with our level of moral being so low and not a single reliable. We are cheating beings to them, even with us yet.

  5. Look all this is cool but for examplw u cant metion self replicating probes and say they just thought of it….thez are called VanNeeuman probes,its in SF for a long time now….

  6. This is the only channel that always has different content. Most other channels repeat the same stories as the rest of YouTube again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

  7. The fact we are a tiny blue dot of life sitting in a corner a one of billions/trillions+ of other solar systems in an ever expanding ocean of tiny (and not so tiny) dots of light, it'd be like searching for a grain of sand in a desert … I do however believe that only are we not alone but that there billions++ planets that are inhabited and THEY ask the same question "are we alone" … If there are inter planetary civilizations (which I also believe) that have some galactic council etc etc, then THEY will still have less than 1% of knowledge about what is actually out there… Sending out a probe that has to traverse a billion light years of the universe is a mere short stroll in terms of how big the universe actually is (and it's getting bigger, and may be among billions and trillions of multiverse) the true answer will never be known, not even to advanced alien life forms, it's just to big, put into perspective, we know 1% of what exists in our oceans.. imagine what exists in oceans on other inhabited planets that they have yet to discover?… The list of explorable scenarios is simply infinite….

  8. For all rhose people that believe they make their own reality. Reality existed before you where born and long after you are dead. You can become a part of reality I will give you that, but having your own reality separate from everything else is calked an illusion. You can wish and meditate all you want, that dont change the truth. Believe what you want good luck.

  9. Do you think the James Web Space Telescope can see the dead core of the binary sister star of our sun?
    When this dead star is in its closest approach in the orbit between our sun, the sun ramps up in energy which causes cyclical global catastrophe.
    Its happening now, Neptune's southern pole is heating up, as are all of the planets in out system.
    The dawning of the Age of Aquarius will see our species finally defeating the curse of cyclical catastrophe, and the universe will celebrate our ascension.

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