This Will Change EVERYTHING! These Scientists CRUSH Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory? – YouTube

This Will Change EVERYTHING! These Scientists CRUSH Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory?


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Albert Einstein, Relativity theory explained ,Einstein theory of relativity

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It has been more than 100 years since the revelation of #Einstein’s general theory of relativity….but now, questions are being raised about the credibility of this very theory.

Yes, The #SpaceTimeTheory, as given by Einstein, can be wrong. Does that mean scientists can gain a better understanding of the universe if they scrape off Einstein’s theory from their knowledge, and stop its further application to the diverse space phenomena?

Excited to know more about this enthralling occurrence that has freaked out the astronomers and #SpaceResearchers?

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  1. Very interesting documentary. I think that Albert Einstein theory of relativity will continue among us over centuries. Other theories will arise in the future, but Einstein!s theory is well documented and proven. I hope to be alive is something different comes out.👍

  2. Black holes are very simple, they are neutron stars above the mass limot for a black hole, the largest neutron stars already have escape velocities approaching the speed of light. Invoking something like space time fabric just shows how little data has been gathered and the laziness of the thoughts of the scientists who rely on it.

  3. Well, it´s a bit of an overstatement to speak of "crushing" Einstein´s theory. Like Newtons theory is a special case of Einstein´s equation´in the case of slow velocities and weak gravitational fields, any conceivable new theory of gravity will contain Einstein´s equation as a special case.

  4. Why would it be a shock. Einstein's theory of relativity, is after all just a theory, as is the big bang, black holes an just about everything else when it comes to understanding the workings of the universe. That's why I take it all with a large pinch of salt.

  5. And unfortunately what science and 'experts' have maintained as truth and doxa all these years (much like religion based on faith) will never be 'erased' or 'dismissed' even if disavowed, there will never be any apologies for wasted talent being muzzled in academia. Sad realization when fancy theories remain just that – and have as much worth as fairy tales.

  6. It's incorrect to assume that a singularity automatically exists within the event horizon of a black hole.

    Gravity is the weakest of the 4 forces, but it is the exact force (in scale) that has produced all of the elements on the periodic table, moving them from the least dense, hydrogen and fusing them into denser and denser forms of matter in deeper and deeper gravity wells and super novae explosions.

    When you get to a neutron star, all you have left is degenerate matter held together by the intense acceleration of gravity. In other words, you have a very deep gravity well containing a neutron soup

    Combine two neutron stars (which happens occasionally) and there's a good chance that you'll get an event horizon as the degenerate matter is now compressed through greater acceleration to fall below the Schwarzschild radius of the mass.

    The presence of an event horizon simply indicates that the matter within has a surface acceleration that has exceeded the speed of light. that does not make it a singularity. All the degenerate matter is still there from the combining of the two stars.

    Singularities come in scale (black holes get truly massive) and shine the final light on what it is that gravity is doing.

    Gravity takes matter and squeezes energy out of it returning it back to its pure potential form within a black hole. The quivering mass of dense, degenerate matter probably resembles a big bang ready to go off.

    And that's what happens at scale. The mass inside collapses into a true singularity and then explodes in a big bang producing a tremendous amount of hydrogen, some helium and lithium.

    If that sounds familiar, it should. Gravity is the recycler of matter.

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