Top 10 Unsettling Space Mysteries NO HUMAN Can Solve | Marathon – YouTube

Top 10 Unsettling Space Mysteries NO HUMAN Can Solve | Marathon


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Top 10 Unsettling Space Mysteries NO HUMAN Can Solve | Marathon
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We know so little about outer space and the universe, it costs so much time and money to explore the galaxy, but some mysterious objects, sounds, and signals break through to our milky way baffling scientists and nasa officials. These are the Top 10 Unsettling Space Mysteries NO HUMAN Can Solve | Marathon!

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Time Codes:
0:00- How Big Is The Universe
2:32- Dark Energy
10:20- Where Is Everyone
13:37- The Galactic Phantom
18:56- Where Did The Moon Come From?
29:54- Lights
36:51- Major Vladimir
44:54- Gobi Dessert Structure

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  1. What the volume of the 12 mile tether.isnt that tether looking as thick as a road if that small looking tether in the pic is 12 miles… did they get that up there…..any1 ever seen how the space station was put up?

  2. dose the universe expand faster than the speed of light if so then the top speed is the speed of expansion ust looked it up the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light so everyone is wrong the top speed of our universe is the speed of expansion i wonder what would happen if u some how slowed your speed down to negative numbers to how fast the universe would ur perspective of time move backwards posibly go backwards in space as fast u can might reverse time

  3. Dark Matter🙃🤣 ~ you are all buffoons , no different than the 🥜 jobs @ the UN on the Climate🪙🪙🪙🪙 caused by 🚃🚜🛻🚙🐷🐄 🦖🐲 and not 🌞 ~ Solar forcing 🥶🌡🌋 🌏 ~ Pole shift . Or the cyclical nature of this 🌎..
    SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS 😎👍☝ for real science!!

  4. So from the math I can do from the numbers I’m reading there are an estimated 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 solar systems we can observe, yet I’m told to believe we are alone?? Okay, I got it, so this is like telling a guy living on Desolation Island that because nobody has been there and he hasn’t seen them he is alone while darn near 8,000,000,000 of us LIVE ON SAME PLANET AS HIM!!! Hahahaha

  5. Love how they refer to scientology as a cult. Why? Bc the government is a cult. And commit everything they accuse scientology of. Lying, manipulation, etc. It's a cult. It has flags, parades, holidays and a flag. I'm a patriot but I still think for myself.

  6. Uhhh yeah you are way tf off on how many solar systems there are in our galaxy! I mean you can’t be serious with your estimate of 200! Because let’s see there are somewhere in the neighborhood 200 billion+ stars in our galaxy. Each one of them having the very real possibility of having a planets or many planets orbiting them. So even if we were to be extremely conservative in our estimate, and say only 1/16 of those stars have solar systems. That’s still around 13 billion solar systems!! So really not sure where your estimate of 200 solar systems came from, but you should really check your sources BEFORE making and posting a Informational video.

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