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What are FOUR VECTORS in Special Relativity? | 4-Vector Velocity, Acceleration, Momentum etc


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4-Vectors or Four Vectors are physical quantities defined in 4D spacetime that contains four components/numbers, three corresponding to space or spatial components, and one corresponding to time or temporal component. Some examples of such four-vectors are velocity 4-vector, acceleration 4-vector, energy-momentum 4-vector etc. These 4-vectors have the property that they satisfy transformation rule similar to the one given by the Lorentz transformation rule (under a Lorentz transformation) and the magnitude of such vectors (obtained by the inner product of a 4-vector with itself) is invariant under a lorentz transformation.

00:00 Four Vectors
07:04 Transformation Rule
23:02 Inner Product & Minkowski Metric
32:11 Velocity 4-vector
49:57 Acceleration 4-Vector
53:53 Energy-Momentum 4-Vector

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  1. Sir please solve the hw once in all your previous videos too you have given the same hw to calc norm of 4 acc vector and find its LT Matrix solve it once if possible can’t get the solutions on internet

  2. Like always you were amazingly great and accurate. Knowing what doubts people have, it would have been nice if you could spend some time on certain things: (1) What actually is 4 velocity if it is constant? (2) Essentially, it relates to scale factor chosen for time axis..and also it will address issue why it is chosen as C as speed of light..So I leave a question on the table…nothing can travel faster than light..is it a postulate or is there a proof available?

  3. Sir i'm 18yr/o student. My ambition is to become a great theoretical physicist and gift something to science by me. Can you guide me? I'm now self studying general relativity and plan to go to quantum field theory and much more amazing topics

  4. Hi I was studying special theory of relativity by Robert resnick and a bit is only given about in the book.So it's Means that including 3 direction + time = 4 dimension but if there are 4 direction then what will we call it?

  5. I am currently self-studying STR through your playlist and it is amazing. I am midway through this playlist and willreturn to this video in a day or two after the other videos are done.

    One thing that I wanted to know, what else is there in STR that you still have not covered yet? Also what can be a good book for it?

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