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What Happened to the Closest Black Hole to Earth? It's GONE!


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  • Published On: 2022-03-24 03:43:08
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In May 2020 a team of astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other institutes discovered a black hole lying just a thousand light-years from Earth.. or so they thought. This supposed black hole was thought to be the closest black hole found to our solar system and was part of a triple system. But now another team of scientists has claimed that this black hole never even existed.

Welcome to Factnomenal, and let’s find out why the closest black hole to earth never really existed in the first place.

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  1. Whenever I get big, I'm going to invest in getting homeless people off the street and see if any can be geniuses, we are only picking people through restrictions but if we lower those restrictions the open minds and creativity will discover more then ever before

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  3. At this point I am just waiting to see a post that says "JWST confirms existence of a planet that is supporting alien plant life!". Im expecting JWST to find a planet that more then likely has vegetation on it but not intelligent life. Let's hope so!

  4. I do find that the vampire stars which feed by 'taking' energy from other stars have a blue shift.
    I understand I'm slightly misusing the term blue shift here.
    But I really do find that point compelling.

  5. We are not God…God guards us keeps us and protects us…black holes will disappear…Negative enemies will disappear..Follow God's light of passage…surrender to the divine…scientists have been provided by God for us…all is in God …and even scientists must exhault God

  6. IT was a real black hole but it was part of a ship and was used to transport the ship through space as it "falls" into the black hole! I swear this is all true. The grey aliens told me – it must be!

  7. I think just about anything terrifying is scarier because at least with black holes there's the mysterious curiosity of what it feels like and what actually happens on an encounter where other terrifying things just tend to mess you up in a way less romantic fashion but who knows

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