What science can’t answer, according to physicist Jim Al-Khalili | Big Think – YouTube

What science can’t answer, according to physicist Jim Al-Khalili | Big Think


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This interview is an episode from The Well, our new publication about ideas that inspire a life well-lived, created with the John Templeton Foundation.

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With so much chaos in the world, it is tempting to embrace the adage, “Ignorance is bliss.” But, what if it’s actually the opposite?

Many scientists would argue that knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment are always better than ignorance. Why?

Because the more we know about the world, the better we understand the interconnectedness of nature and mankind and how the universe is full of magic and wonder.

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About Jim Al-Khalili:
Jim is a multiple award-winning science communicator renowned for his public engagement around the world through writing and broadcasting and a leading academic making fundamental contributions to theoretical physics, particularly in nuclear reaction theory, quantum effects in biology, open quantum systems and the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Jim is a theoretical physicist at the University of Surrey where he holds a Distinguished Chair in physics as well as a university chair in the public engagement in science. He received his PhD in nuclear reaction theory in 1989 and has published widely in the field. His current interest is in open quantum systems and the application of quantum mechanics in biology.


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  1. Gravity is the earth approaching- expanding- the released object: Galilean relative motion; d=1/2 at^2 part of the gravity equation. A proton is @1836 expanding electrons grouped together and add a bouncing expanding makes a hydrogen atom. “The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy “, Mark McCutcheon. How little the ‘greats ‘ know/ understand!

  2. Humans will NEVER understand the infinite complexity of Nature. Science can figure out how things work, but not what things are in the essence. We might know what “matter” is made up of, but not what matter is. In my opinion matter itself is pure magic. The fact that matter exists is magic, although we take this magic as granted. The problem with science is that
    1- it isolates and dissemble things in order to explain them. So it can never grasp the totality of things as a whole.
    2- it takes a miracle as a default (like the Big Bang in physics or a “point” in mathematics) and build the rest based on that.
    We need to combine mysticism with science to thrive. Believe it or not quantum mechanics and relativity has come one step closer to mysticism than the classical physics. A good read that I suggest is “the Tao of physics” which demonstrates the parallels of mysticism and modern science.

  3. a simple method for showing this is to take it to both extremes:

    absolute-ignorance is insensitive, no mystery-awareness, no nohing.

    absolute gnosis is omniscience, as the Hindu Ramakrishna Vivekananda got partial-experiencing of, in his samadhi yoga.

    Awareness is, itself, neither mass, nor charge, nor spin: it is immaterial.

    just as entanglement is immaterial, so too is awareness.

    Just as quantum probability-wave is immaterial, so too is will/intent.

    Conquer one's own unconscious: that challenge is tougher than reading-about physics experiments.

    Purify/uncloud one's mind's underlying substance, itself, awareness, into its true potential.

    IF one has the scientific-integrity to do the experiments, that is…

  4. The truth is seen or unseen world every thing is SOUL journey. Soil to UNIVERSE unseen string ton cos maths biology physics physical body. Every thing is SOUL JOURNEY. Face the reality of LIFE. AMEN

  5. Good evening
    As Newton said the gravity explain the motion between the planets but not who put the planets in thier position nor who put them in motion around the Sun.
    I would ask Dr Al-Khalili do you accept the theory of our solar system as result from the collapse of supernova?
    How is possible for example our planet the earth in ideal position to the sun (149 milions km) to recieved the enough light and energy from the sun .
    How is possible from collapse by chance of supernova, tilted the earth the ideal degree for our four seasons (23.5°) if was different degree or the earth not tilted, there is no life on earth.
    Also the position the others planets around the sun is the ideal and the distance between them is ideal too.
    We have only one moon ideal for our life , without or more one moon our life will be disaster.
    Also do you accept the theory of how our moon born , from huge impact between the earth and planet name Theia 4.5 billion years ago, how is possible random collission create beautiful symmetric moon ?
    For the space I stop here .
    Why our logical mind refuse where is very clear the creation by High Intelligence Designer, Allah Almighty..

  6. There is math before man. That math goes back to the Big Bang.
    This physical math before us shows evidence for a Mathematical Creator.
    We didn't create the mathematical Big Bang. We discovered it after instead.

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