Why the MULTIVERSE might be REAL! Eternal Inflation reveals many BIG BANGS – YouTube

Why the MULTIVERSE might be REAL! Eternal Inflation reveals many BIG BANGS


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Background video on Cosmic Inflation:

Alan Guth paper on Cosmic Inflation: https://t.ly/0yYW
Stephen Hawking paper on detecting multiverse: https://t.ly/FBo7
Eternal Inflation Wiki: http://t.ly/ClO7

0:00 – Why inflation? Why eternal inflation?
1:46 – Science vs God documentary
2:53 – How random radioactive decay is like inflation
5:40 – Show multiple universes could form
7:52 – Standard theory vs Eternal inflation theory
9:24 – What is the nature of the other universes?
10:28 – How do we prove the existence of multiverses?
12:04 – Stephen Hawking’s last paper
12:26 – From Copernicus to insignificance

The big bang model has some problems – homogeneity, flatness, and lack of magnetic monopoles.
Cosmic Inflation occurred when the entire universe shortly after its beginning, expanded exponentially fast for a fraction of a second. One implication of this is that the universe on large scales may not be so homogenous. Inflation could have ended at different times in different places. This would mean that the universe is bigger and more complex than we realize. This concept is called ETERNAL inflation.

Inflation occurred due to the decay of the scalar inflation field. It decayed into other fields and particles. After this expansion, the universe kept expanding but at a much slower rate. The length of inflation can be calculated, but this only tells us how long it should last ON AVERAGE.

But quantum mechanics means there will be randomness. Inflation could last a bit longer or shorter than expected in different parts of the universe. This is analogous to radioactive decay where half life results in some atoms decaying and others not. We cannot predict which atoms will decay and which will not. Inflation may work similarly.

Like the concept of half-life, quantum uncertainty may cause, half the volume of the expanded universe to stop inflating after a fraction of a second, but it could continue in the other half of the universe. The part where inflation stopped would be like a bubble universe.

But space continues expanding exponentially in the other half, and after another fraction of a second, a second bubble universe forms. Steinhardt, Linde and Vilenkin showed that if the if the decay of the inflation field happens slower than the rate of expansion of the universe, then inflation could go on forever, creating more and more bubble universes.

Unlike radioactive decay, where all the material decays over time because no new material gets created, eternal inflation could go on forever because new space is being created all the time.

If the theory of eternal inflation is correct, we are inside one of these bubbles. What we think of as the start of the universe may be just the point at which inflation simply ended in our part of the universe. But what the universe is on much larger scales is an unimaginably vast multiverse of universes.

What is the nature of these other universes? The fundamental laws of quantum mechanics should still apply, since inflation is derived from quantum mechanics. Most physicists think there is probably some universal laws of nature that describes the entirety of the multiverse.

Are these universes the same as ours? There is nothing in the laws of physics that requires a universe to have the same laws as ours or same fundamental constants as ours.

We may never be able to directly detect these other universes because the space between them is expanding so fast that no communication at the speed of light could occur. But, wormholes may be able to connect universes. Understanding of high energy physics could give us some clues. Also background gravitational waves may tell us what happened at the beginning of the universe.
A 2018 paper published posthumously by Steven Hawking and Thomas Hertog alludes to the idea that the background gravitational waves may hold the clues that tell us about whether potential multiverses exist.


  1. If our observable space is one of many, do we call the thing it's in The Universe. Or do we call our bubble The Universe. Do we give our bubble of observation a new name?

  2. Scientist always confuse me, they think all of this existence which exist multi dimensionally would and could exist without conciousness. The truth is, things cannot and will not exist unless their is a conscious thing to say something exist in the first place. Clearly consciousness has to exist fundamentally. And is not limited to slimy, brains and neurons. That is what god is, the eternal observer, the as religion which I'm not religious say I am.

  3. See the problem with infinite eternal big bangs is, how possibly could the first big bang have happened? Trust me, I can comprehend eternal existence, but if things were always inflating then you would assume there would be a first inflation. I believe in God. Not in a religions human sense. God is a eternal energy field of creation. Think of it as the probability energy field. It is eternal and in a constant state of perfect energy balance and creation. It is conscious, just not in ways our human brain can fathom. I also believe we have a soul which is connected to this conscious source since we are that source in human form. Brains are quantum computer interfaces that limit infinite potential conciousness into a finite 3 dimensional limited body to perceive 3 dimensions to survive in this tiny slice of multi dimensional existence. Kinda like the Sims.

  4. I'd argue that the increasing complexities of the universe reveal our true significance. We're apart of something so vast and so complex it really makes me think… why is there all this to begin with?

  5. Outstanding video. If I may make one point: something infinitesimally small does not necessarily equate to insignificant. Inflation occurred over an infinitesimally small period of time and it was certainly not insignificant. The same may be true for consciousness.

  6. I'm still trying to wrap my head around a lot of this, but it's beginning to sound like, at the very top and the very bottom of the scale, existence could just be an endlessly bubbling foam.

  7. Regarding 'The Constants of Nature' that define whether life can exist -or even 'sensible' Universes with stable atoms, etc. As we understand these constants have such 'finely tuned' values that even a small fraction of a percent difference in just one would cause the Universe to exist without life. Multiplying the number of these Constants by the number of different values that would allow life might give a minimum # of possible Universes that could exist -for example if there are 20 Constants and each can take a Billion values (assume a fixed allowed granularity of difference of each constant) then 20 Billion Universes must exist that might host life. Its a sort of Drake Equation using the CONs. It just so happens that we exist in one of these that perhaps inherited its CONs from the expanding stuff that came just before the big bang. I wonder if this means that understanding black holes and singularities is a red herring. Still too many questions.

  8. Hey Arvin, could it be that gravity is a drag force that objects experience asymmetrically across their bodies as they pass through a region of space with a greater amount of wave function collapse? I would think this would naturally cause greater attraction for massive objects.

  9. Your expressed theories would make a great backdrop for epic SCIFI. Imagine a space opera spanning multiple universes, all governed by unique structure and life. My question, is there any theory on the catalyst for the big bang? was the universe a void of nothingness prior to being expanded by the big bang? Thank you for making these thought provoking videos!

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