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Will Rocket Lab Purchase Redwire?


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  • Published On: 2022-02-02 23:30:17
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After publishing the last video where I compared the acquisition strategies of Rocket Lab to Redwire, some of you have wondered whether it’s possible that Rocket Lab decides to try and altogether purchase Redwire sometime down the line.

I thought this could be an interesting mental exercise to discuss whether this is possible and actually likely or not. And so in this video, I’ll discuss what would become of the combined company, whether this is something that is likely to occur and whether Rocket Lab has enough capital to even attempt this.

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Investing involves the risk of loss.

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Will Rocket Lab Purchase Redwire or Redwire Purchase Rocket Lab?
01:29 The combined company of Rocket Lab and Redwire
02:08 At what price could Rocket Lab purchase Redwire?
06:53 Conclusion

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  1. Well considering todays jump it'll cost around 500 million now. And as agressive as Rocket Lab is they are not going for broke with Redwire. Unless there could be an understanding between both companies and find common ground that will be a win win for both space companies.

  2. Rocket Lab is all about launch, space systems & space application so their capital deployments will be laser focused on these sectors with an intent to scale up. Given the precarious situation for new pure play space players with success not guaranteed, I doubt they would spread itself so thin so early.

    Thus outside of possibly one or two companies within Redwire, I don’t think Rocket Lab will be interested even if it’s up for take-over. Although there are some overlaps in what they provide, their missions are just very different. Blue Origin buying out Redwire probably makes more sense financially, esp. with their collaboration on Orbital Reef.

  3. Regarding RKLB having the cash to buy Redwire – they would not need to have that amount of cash on hand, companies rarely do when doing big acquisitions.
    Often this is accompanied by paying with company shares, raising capital by selling shares on the open market, taking on debt or likely a combination of several.

    While highly unlikely, the two could also merge into "Red Rocket" and essentially no one pays anyone anything.

  4. Impossible for Rocketlab to acquire Redwire. It’s a pipe dream for penny flippers, as if AE would agree to that. As far as I know, they have a long term vision of becoming leader in In space manufacturing and assembly.
    I own Canoo, it’s at ATL, but I will never ever even in my dream paperhand my shares, I continue to accumulate.
    So why would AE?
    These nonsense are thrown around by amateurs who knows nothing about Redwire portfolio.

  5. Great video, got me exited with the title… haha. Anything is possible, but I don't think Beck would bite off that much at one time. I feel like he is slowly building out his full service small/medium satellite operations. All of the extra niches that Redwire would bring to the table could possibly hurt the vision and progress. Sounds good, but I'd prefer he didn't.

  6. It's more than possible. He's got an incredible income stream already from clientel associative of prior chains of income from the recently acquired. An expenditure like Redwire would be competently easy & perhaps compelling. There are highly interesting patents held by the company that would catapult Beck far beyond SpaceX capabilities. He's already managed a cost savings trajectory that puts SpaceX to shame by multiple folds.

  7. Great Video – again and again! I don't believe these to will combine anytime soon. Even so i like both and believe there would be a chance that this could become a juggernaut of a space Company, but i hope both will grow massiv in the future. In this case both could become a juggernaut and maybe it will bring bigger growth in the hole industry. Let's see and wait what will happen 🙂

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