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10 Most Underrated Ayurvedic Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle (Easy & Effective)


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10 Simple Healthy Habits that can change your life. The most underrated Ayurvedic habits for a healthy lifestyle (Easy & Effective)

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There are some habits which are actually easy to form and leave a huge impact in the long run. These I call, the underrated healthy habits. In this video, I wish to share with you 10 such habits which are relatable, most practical and can be easily formed with just a slight tweak in your current lifestyle.

00:31 – #10 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
01:27 – #9 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
02:28 – #8 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
03:17 – #7 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
04:04 – #6 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
04:50 – #5 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
05:53 – #4 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
06:43 – #3 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
07:46 – #2 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life
08:35 – #1 Underrated Healthy Habit that can Change Your Life

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I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber


  1. I think, eating is a form of meditation…we must take deep breaths, eat with full concentration and enjoy every bite, wait for a time after finishing and then having the feeling of fullness..
    I used this and it actually gives me a very good feeling even when I ate karela sabji…actually, eating food is not a task but a time for body…khadyayoga..
    All we have to do is have a control over our own mind, and so when we meditate with full concentration on any sound of breathing, aum etc makes us feel good.
    Meditation and yoga helps us to feel happiness from everything, it makes us patient and happy, and happy in a spiritual sense(scientifically, we start to like everything, literally and that is spiritual happiness, while the temporary happiness we get from money, convenience and comfort is just a poison one cannot deny when mind is the king).
    One starts to get away from negativity and knows what is good or bad etc

  2. Thank you for yet another amazing video. Eating when mind is disturbed & consumption of cold drink with food were most relatable to me. I have experienced acidity and other troubles after having done so, in the past and am actively avoiding them now. Could you please make a video on building resistance/ immunity against sun / heat? I experience extreme fatigue, migraine headache etc. even a little time in sun but my friends stay out all day without any problem. What am I doing wrong?

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