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11 Ayurvedic Food Combinations That You Must Try (#3 will Surprise you)


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11 Healthy Food Combinations that you must try. Best Ayurvedic food combinations. The art of food combining as per Ayurvedic scriptures.

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In this video, I will share with you 11 practical food combinations highly talked about in Ayurvedic scriptures that can dramatically improve the quality of digestion, support the body in receiving a deeper level of nourishment, and positively impact our overall health.

01:19 – Wheat and Cucumber – Do you often face indigestion after eating wheat roti? If yes, then try this combination.
02:14 – Milk and Ghee – When we talk about Satvic food combinations, Ayurveda puts this one on top of the list.
03:08 – Sprouts and hot spices – Sprouts are a superfood but more than often people either don’t find them palatable or for some, they become the reason for gas, bloating and constipation. Try this combination.
04:10 – Radish and its leaves – Radish being extremely cold in potency it is often hard to digest. Nature has provided its easy solution. Just combine radish with its leaves.
04:59 – Lemon and Ghee – Not many know that when ghee is mixed with lemon juice, its effect is further enhanced.
05:42 – Black gram and buttermilk – Ayurveda recommends ending a black gram meal with a glass of spiced or sweet buttermilk. Black gram’s combination with natural sugar is also equally beneficial.
06:26 – Potato and Rice – Are you getting too weight-conscious? Well, you will be surprised to know that the energetics of both these foods is such that if they are combined, they help cut the extra fat from the body.
07:05 – Dry dates and milk – Do you often feel tired and low on energy? Then this combination is for you. Ayurveda considers dry dates milk as one of the best nutritive tonics for the body, especially in winters.
07:54 – Sugarcane juice and ginger – Sugarcane juice is one drink that can beat most cold drinks in the market. A great combination of sugarcane juice is with ginger.
08:31 – Mango and milk – Since mangoes are heating for the body, some people suffer from pimples and other allergic reactions after eating them. Ayurveda advises that milk be consumed after a mango meal.
09:25 – Coriander and spicy curry – A simple and effective way to top up a spicy curry with fresh coriander leaves. Coriander with its cooling properties helps to balance the heating effect of the spices

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I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber


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  3. Hi brother on recent days I can't control my food eating habits . I ate more in all time especially in night. I can't control my sugar carving also. I did so diet method on my past days , so I think it reflects like this. What should I do bro….

  4. Humble request…kindly recheck the source of information on ayurved. Please get it confirmed from basic samhita text books of ayurved. Because virudhdhaahaar is the term for wrong n incompatible combinations in ayurved…milk plus fruit and milk plus jaggery are one of them which you have suggested as good combinations in your video. Please recheck with authentic and authoritative basic texts not from mental speculative mundane authors on ayurved..so called best seller modern authors. You are a good influencer and hence please make sure not to spread wrong messages from your channel. I dared to write because I am sure you will take this positively.

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