3 Yoga Asanas for Healthy Eyes | By Grand Master Akshar – YouTube

3 Yoga Asanas for Healthy Eyes | By Grand Master Akshar


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3 Yoga Asanas to keep your Eyes Healthy
Under the Guidance of Grand Master Akshar

In this video Grand Master Akshar explains 3 Asanas to keep your Eyes Healthy

About Grand Master Akshar:
Philanthropist || Spiritual Master || Lifestyle Coach || Yoga-preneur || Author
Grand Master Akshar, A Siddha from the Himalayas, is the Founder of Akshar Yoga, one of the largest Yoga chains in India. He is also the Founder and President of World Yoga Organisation, Founder & Chairman of the International Siddha Foundation and Shri Mahaprabhu Jagannatha Sangh.

Known the world over as the Himalayan Yogi, Grand Master Akshar has tirelessly brought the knowledge of the Himalayas within reach of people across the globe. He has trained over 20,00,000 spirits and created a global community of 3,000 teachers in Yoga and Spirituality.
Through his guidance and blessing, these teachers spread the message of Health, Peace and Happiness to people from all walks of life and to all corners of the globe.

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Prayers for Good Health, Peace & Prosperity 🙏


  1. Good morning…. All your Asanas are good, some are
    Double and some are tough…
    I can't do kakarasana, as I cannot lift my leg I have lower back problem, muscle weekness nerve weekness and vericos veins…. And eye pressure… So can u suggest me some nice and easy eye asana where in I can do with ease….. Thanks in advance 🙏🙏

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