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A New Year Message from Vasant Lad | Ayurveda


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As we move into 2022, Vaidya Vasant Lad’s message of new year intention still holds true today. “Intention is the inner state of attention with right awareness and action. As I look outside, at the same time, I look inside.”

Every intention should be based on self exploration, self inquiry and self observation. In action, it is double arrow attention – one arrow of attention focused outwardly towards our loved ones and at the same time, one arrow to attention turned inwardly toward the heart, the self. Intention is to know oneself. It is to know your Prakruti, which is your constitution, genetic code and unique psychophysiology. By knowing ourselves through right inquiry exploration, awareness and attention, we may learn to live in balance and harmony. Happy New Year!

Inspired by Vasant Lad, AyurPrana is the story of a group of friends leaving their unbalanced demanding lifestyles for a natural and balanced way of life. Via educational webinars we share our knowledge and expertise in ancient and modern sciences. Follow our videos as we divulge ancient Ayurvedic healing secrets.

World renowned author and speaker, Vasant Lad brought Ayurveda to the United States by founding the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1984. He continues to write extensively and lecture through educational webinars at liveayurprana.com.

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  1. Namaskar ~ deeply grateful that Dr. Lad's teachings have been made available through this medium. Thank you team at AyurPrana. Dr. Lad's depth of knowledge, coming from a life of dedicated practice and direct experience, transmits through the screen. He is a blessing to humankind and my life is forever changed by studying with him. May his pure teachings of Ayurveda reach far and wide.

  2. Sir,I have some severe allergy problem,according to allopathic doctor,this allergies are caused by dust and pollution,bt my allergies are not of any specific typ ,I face difficulty in breathing and hives itchiness and several other things whenever I face some sudden allergic reaction and it also happens whenever there is any emotional stress.. is it possible to be cure? I also tried homeopathy bt find no relief.

  3. This one hour video can divided into 10 different videos with interesting titles. Otherwise the valuable information will not reach people. Not everyone has patience to watch one hour video.

  4. The information given by Dr Lad is highly insightful and more powerful than the discourses of spiritual masters. Spiritual path will be shortened by 10x if we understood Dr Lad and his Ayurvedic teachings.
    For eg: In this video he talks about AMA. Understanding ama will reveal the path of higher awareness and material success.

  5. Thank you for this Divine Knowledge.. greatly appreciated..I am from South Africa..and trying to understand the basics of Ayurveda..can anyone please repeat what Guruji has mentioned.. about Batra being out of balance it too high..cannot understand the products to take..can someone state please..thank you

  6. Namaste 🙏🏼
    Double arrow: wave and particle theory
    Vashista to Ram explanation
    Excellent 👍
    Intention attention awareness
    Ayurveda balancing Vata Pita Kapha
    Thank you for sharing this message

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