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All is Well ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation


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  • Published On: 2022-04-05 14:30:23
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A 10 minute guided meditation that will bring you back into the awareness, that no matter what you are going through… All is well! No matter how hard we work on acheiving new goals, if we haven’t healed from past hurt and trauma and there are underlying feelings of our world not being safe, then those painful fears keep us from having what we truly want. Heal the root cause blocking you from your desires by feeling safe and at home in your body and watch the change unfold the more you truly lean into this practice and let yourself know your own safety and security in your own body.


  1. I just rejected a very toxic person and I am doing this meditation to help myself realize that I am doing the best thing for myself and I do not need to take other people's idea in consideration or need to pretend to be a 'nice girl'.

  2. this meditation was so amazing. i have an earring disorder called arfid, it’s not body-image related, instead i have food aversions and it’s hard for me to eat even when i want to. i’m about to enter intensive treatment for it in about a week. since the whole process of getting me into treatment started, i’ve been having so much body & health anxiety, and even when meditating i can get hyper aware of my body and it’s distracting and anxiety-inducing. this meditation let me not ignore that feeling and instead face it! i feel so much more comfortable now and i trust that my body has my back, like it always has.thank you so much for this meditation, truly changed my world

  3. This was a nice reminder that I’m safe. Lately, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve been having guards up, operating in survival mode. This was perfect! Thank you 💚 wishing you all peace and security within yourselves.

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