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Day 29 - Trust  |  MOVE - A 30 Day Yoga Journey


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While many move to look good, we move to feel good. My loving advice for you today is to think about your yoga practice as a training for how you want to move through your life. I hope you have felt a sense of belonging on this journey. It is the foundation for the offering, and where I build from. Trust, this experience is meant to be.

If you are ever in a tight spot, at a crossroads, or unsure how or where to move next…
Find your breath.

Trust it.
Trust your awareness.
Your gut.

Heads up, we have a purposeful surprise awaiting tomorrow for Day 30! Today’s session is a perfect set up. Do you trust me?


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  1. “I belong.” There have been so many times I didn’t believe it. I am the only vegetarian, the only yoga practicing student, the only one studying spirituality among my family and friends. However, I have learned to love and trust myself for all of those reasons. I am blessed to have found this community. Namaste.

  2. The massage is bomb! I never felt that good in my entire life. I started this journey in march and even though I'm not showing up on the mat everyday, I tried to be consistent on going back. I can't believe I reached this far. Thank you so much, Adriene and Benji 💕

  3. This practice has been just what I needed. One year postpartum and finally feel like I have my body back. Your mantras always seemed to be just what I didn’t know I needed to hear. Thank you so much for providing this free resource.

    Mama ate (tried to type namaste but autocorrected to this and seemed better),


  4. The deep tissue massage of the piriformis was clutch; doing this stretch for the first time a couple months ago was a revelation! I typically experience tightness in my hips and glutes and haven't been able to relieve it often. But that deep tissue massage has become a necessary movement in my daily routine!

  5. Amazing as I’m nearly to an end of this challenge. It’s been a tough journey to me as the whole family tested positive. But that doesn’t stop me to go through the challenge. Only is to take my time. Thanks for the day to day even though it gives me longer to finish. And one more tomorrow for my final day. Thanks for giving me the TRUST today – namaste

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