Here's how Central Florida’s housing crisis is impacting mental health – YouTube

Here's how Central Florida’s housing crisis is impacting mental health


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  • Published On: 2022-05-13 03:49:06
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Since the start of 2022, more and more families struggling are looking for help from nonprofits. This includes the Heart of Florida United Way, which recently said its 2-1-1 crisis hotline has seen an uptick in the number of working families that can’t keep up with their rent or mortgage payments.


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  3. Predatory investors are controlling the housing market and manipulating rental prices. These investors (mostly living out of state) are siphoning money out of local communities, driving up the cost of homes/rent, putting families on the street and creating a tremendous strain on the already tenuous resources of the local food banks, shelters and other community resources. It's NOT right. People living and investing in their local community DESERVE BETTER!

  4. Where is stupid hard core republican have to say about this problem? Oh wait this state is under far right extremist republican governor Santis lol 😆. Every time bad things happened and they always blamed Democrats governor or someone, but if things turn out good they always take credit for lol. Just a typical republican politicians hypocrisy, corrupt, lies and undermine American democracy.

  5. Can someone stop this crazy investors??? The rent market need to be based in the average income in the area, cost of living and condition of the property… here in southern florida good area properties and ghetto properties are the same price because people are coming for other states and don’t even know difference between them

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