How does the lockdown affect our mental health? | Start Here – YouTube

How does the lockdown affect our mental health? | Start Here


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  • Published On: 2020-05-19 18:30:05
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Our time under lockdown has been tough on us mentally — and we probably don’t talk about it enough. Many of us focus on our physical well-being but the pandemic can also affect our mental health. Sometimes we don’t even recognise what’s happening because it’s so foreign to us.
So how can restrictions on movement affect both our minds and bodies? And how do we help ourselves and the people around us?
Start Here explains.

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  1. I used to have the energy to do anything immediately. Now I get stressed most days, have bad thoughts about stuff like death and don't even care if things go back to normal now. I wonder would I still have felt like this if the lockdown never happened

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  3. There is a lot of misunderstood here in the Netherlands, the most important part of life is just stolen by focusing on controling the healthcare what I can understand. But you are young for one time and the world is just to overpopulated.

  4. The mental health impact is going to be around for years. There is nothing normal about this. We aren't designed to stay isolated and talk through video screens for long periods like this.

  5. i want the powers that be would just shut up and stop the media. i have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder my job has shut down certain departments so lost of coworkers and friends with job loss possibly in any of our future is causing anxiety. i was able to try to do something positive by pushing myself to travel after getting fully vaccinated. i went to 3 different states still wearing mask but because of the vaccine and freedom for fully vaccinated people not having to wear mask everywhere, things were looking up but the increased talk of death and the new variants along with the rising anger of people against one another over the decision to take the vaccine or not. now we are back to square 1 but still only wearing mask and still not getting better. i have photos of my travels but i can't remember the fun i had at all

  6. In lockdown i forgot how the world and people will be before and now confused assuming and creating confusing thought of past and overthinking stressed dying mentally i cant even stop and even though consoling me didn't last long 😭😭😭 i m just comparing some successful people before lockdown exist and me in lockdown i cant even stop this dumb

  7. Freedom is more important than food.

    The Pandemic has robbed humanity of its basic need.

    To be free.

    Lockdown has lead to stress.

    No one expected such a strange situation to take place even in dreams.

    Is there no option to lockdown?

    Nothing worse than loneliness.

    Health depends on being happy.

    Corona has sucked happiness from our lives.

    Information overload has ruined our peace of mind.

    There should be some option to lockdown.

    No disease in the history of humanity
    not even the two world wars have impacted humanity in such a bizarre manner.

    No proof of biological warfare but this is world war3.

    An invisible enemy vs humanity.

  8. 😇 WHO , WPA , ADB , and WB
    should join supports to help developing countries in fighting with mental health crisis during Covid-19 pandemic. Overwhelming stressors exist during this Covid-attack.
    The poor citizens certainly face with abundant covid-consequences include : stressors , unemployment , hopelessness, complicated grief , suicidal thoughts , trauma , PTSD, severe depression , mental retardation , irritability , touchy , mental disabilities , financial crisis etc.

  9. Guys does anybody else start making up stupid stories in your head and make up scary things because you're just stressed from nowhereand you thing you're gonna go insane?

  10. It's affecting my mental health pretty bad, having to watch all these silly middle-class people whine about how they're feeling lonely and how "not being touched" is "literally torture". One of these days I'm gonna roll up in the suburbs and touch a mothafka with my big rough working man hands. Seriously though, it's made me realise I'm surrounded by big babies.

    that is the must pure waffle ive ever heard like seriously.
    more calls to suicide lines doesnt mean an increase in suicidal actions?

  12. I would give anything to go back to 2008. I just left college, had friends, got a great job. Now I'm all alone, all i do is go to work and come home to this empty apartment. No friends, family don't want to know me. I dont even know how to make friends.

    The last 12 months have finished me off. Lockdowns, social distancing, working from home. I don't know how to communicate with another human being in person anymore. I don't even know how i can go on anymore. They say this pandemic is coming to an end but it'll just be the same for me forever. I'm afraid to go outside. Please, i really need help, but I'm scared to ask for that too.

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