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Kriya Yoga Guided Meditation For Beginners


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Here is a 24 minute guided meditation for beginning meditation students in the Kriya yoga style of Lahiri Mahashaya and Yogananda. I go over the two techniques we practice in the introduction. Sushumna breathing and Chanting to the chakras are what Yogananda called these techniques when he brought them to the west. This audio recording is from a previous meditation class I taught privately to a student in my back yard. You can hear the cleansing song of the frogs on this rainy Friday in April, 2020. Please enjoy.

Please do not practice kriya yoga when physically ill, when deprived of sleep, intoxicated, or psychologically imbalanced. Also if one is pregnant or menstruating one should not practice this technique. If you are serious about Kriya yoga and yogic meditation, you will want to get initiated Feel free to write an email about this if you would like some help in finding a qualified teacher in your part of the world.

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ॐ नमो भगवतॆ वासुदेवाय
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I learned yoga in the kriya yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahashaya and Yogananda, which lead me to learn jyotish. If you would like to learn to meditate or take your meditations further with private Kriya yoga lessons just write to me at These training sessions are done in person or via zoom conference and are recorded.


  1. I'm a kriyaban and I got initiated by Smarananda Giri (of yss)in 2015, Bangalore (I was 20 years old at the time). I'm so glad to see you correlate kriya yoga with jyotish. I do find it a little difficult to grasp jyotish Vidya as well as you do but I haven't given up on my kriya 1. You and Ryan kurzack are the only kriyabans who have brought jyotisha onto YouTube and I thank you immensely for it. I was blissed out when you had a series for omens as that was exactly what I was looking for when I stumbled upon your channel.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Thank you for this meditation offering. I’ve done it a few times now and feel centered and refreshed afterwards. Question, what do you recommend I do with my arms and legs? Special sitting position or mudra?

  3. This was a great contribution to Kriya yoga meditation (in my humble opinion). Everyone puts a different spin on the same old Aum, the way you held space in this recording for your client was inspiring and felt creative. I am a few months into my Kriya apprenticeship journey with Ryan Kurczak (at 30 years old, born '91). The way you patiently went through the chanting of the chakras was a welcome shake-up for a guided meditation. Thanks for this effort and the wrap-up before hand, concise and to the point. I appreciate you dude!

  4. I have been practising the first step more ( imagination of cool & warm current going alone with the breathing) since 3 weeks. after did it I felt my left brain solidly. Little current circulation also there in the left brain. Please explain this. thanks

  5. Sort of unrelated, but what is the meaning of that painting with the rose in the background? I ask because, very coincidentally, I happen to have painted a painting that looks very related. It has roses in front of a cloud in the sky, and gold around the edges. Thanks

  6. Please…. is kriya yoga a meditation like breathing…or is it a yoga with many poses… id like to learn to do it properly in a video so i can copy and learn at home…please advice a tutorial video if you have one… thank you

  7. felt the energy rose to ajna chakra and came back to the muladhara chakra… whole body is filled with that energy… particularly the chakra in neck is beaming with it…wanted to ask are all my chakras closed(after opening,all chakras did open)?and was it a kundalini awakening experience?thank you so much man for this video🙏

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