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REM sleep: is too little REM sleep DANGEROUS?!


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  • Published On: 2020-10-25 22:55:20
  • Video Published/Author: Polyphasic Sleep Community
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Is getting too little REM sleep dangerous? In this video we examine a study where it was found that reducing REM sleep can lead to negative consequences like a reduced mortality, and what that means for polyphasic sleepers.

Polyphasic sleep is the science of sleeping in alternative sleep cycles and thus reducing the time you spend sleeping. There are also other benefits to this sleeping style, like shortened sleep onset and lucid dreaming benefits.

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  1. So as I only need 6h when monophasic I actually could succeed with nap-only? 🤯🤯🤯 You're blowing my mind. On the other hand, I've tried forcing myself out of SWS before. And I'm not willing to torture myself anytime soon xD

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