5 Post COVID Investment Strategies

COVID-19 changed the way the world looks at a lot of things, one of those being investments.

The focus is now shifted on strategies that cover the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) theme.

The real estate market is bouncing back thanks to various initiatives by governments all over the world.

Financial advisors have always stressed the need to have a diverse portfolio, but investors are paying more heed to the advice post COVID.

There is no denying that the value of crypto has increased steadily, making it a great investment option. Bitcoin’s value has become four times what it was last year.

Another alternate investment option that gained steam during the pandemic is gold.

Shares are seen as a good source of passive income and liquid cash as they can be liquidated when in need, and the profits help expand your portfolio.

Investing your hard-earned money deserve careful consideration and deliberation.