An extra £1 a month for Amazon UK Prime Service

Amazon Prime members get unlimited free and fast delivery on eligible items, as well as video streaming, ad-free music, free in-game content, exclusive access to deals, and much more.

Amazon will raise the monthly price of its Prime subscription service by 12.5 percent - or £1 - to £8.99 beginning in September, the latest indication that delivery costs are rising.

The price would rise by 20%, or £16 to £95, but this would still be a savings over the monthly option.

Amazon announced the fee increase, which will take effect when members' contracts expire on September 15th.

Amazon also stated that the amount of original Amazon content on Prime Video has tripled since 2018.

Prime Service is thought to be available to half of all UK consumers over the age of 16, or approximately 27 million people.

The most popular service is Prime delivery, but the video streaming service grew the fastest during the pandemic.

An extra £1 a month for Amazon UK Prime Service