Coca-Cola Marketing Case Study

Coca-Cola owns a product portfolio of more than 3500 products.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola has been listed as the most valuable brand globally.

Coca-Cola is nothing but sugared water but still has a market capitalization of $192.8nbillion with 53 years of consecutive annual dividend increases.

Coca-cola is a company that has survived more than 111 years which includes 7 revolutions and 2 world wars.

The fundamentals of marketing any product depend on two kinds of value.

The first value is the tangible value, the product’s actual value, and the second is the perceived value.

In simple words, when we go to a restaurant, the aroma, the room freshener, the lighting, and the ambiance add to the product’s perceived value. 

It will enhance your perception of the experience, and the tangible value of the product is how well the food is cooked.

When it comes to coca-cola, the tangible value of the Coca-Cola product is sugar, and by default, sugar is bound to give you pleasure.

Furthermore, when it comes to the perception of the product, coca-cola did an extraordinary job by associating itself with the emotion of happiness, thereby recognized as the ‘Brand icon of Happiness.’ 

Coca-Cola Marketing Case Study