Ferrari to Embrace SUV Segment with Purosangue

It has been a while now that auto fans have waited for Ferrari to launch its first-ever crossover SUV.

Ferrari would’ve never thought of ever building an SUV, but the latest trends and sales figures have now compelled them to do so.

According to Autocar India, Lamborghini Urus has been their most successful model. Urus contributed more than 50% of its revenue in the first half of 2021.

The new SUV Crossover would be called Purosangue, which stands for ‘pure blood’ in Italian.

Michael Leiters (Ferrari’s Technical Chief) suggested that Purosangue would effectively replace GTC4Lusso and intend to create a whole new segment for Ferrari.

Purosangue might debut in late 2022 with a price tag similar to that of its rival Lamborghini Urus.