Health Benefits of Mayurasana - Yoga Asana

Mayurasana is the very best workout to awaken the Kundalini Shakti. This is a productive process for the weakness of semen.

It is also beneficial for women who have menstrual problems.

Mayurasana counters foodstuff poisoning.

If one particularly faces problems with increased midsection, Mayurasana helps in toning of abdomen.

Mayurasana is a fantastic workout for the liver as effectively as the pancreas. It is extremely handy for diabetic individuals also.

It is the finest asana for reinforcing arms, shoulders, abdomen, and again. Mayurasana is valuable to increase harmony. It develops the chest.

Mayurasana is extremely regenerative and also pretty stimulating.

This asana is quite effective for digestive organs.

In this posture, blood is concentrated and despatched to the digestive organs and which is toned up by the intra-abdominal stress.

Immediately after a few months of this posture, it supplies complete orgasm at the time of intercourse.

It is useful to calm the mind and allows relieving stress & moderate depression.