Hepatitis A Outbreak Due to Organic Strawberries

The Food and Drug Administration is looking into two brands of organic strawberries sold in a number of grocery stores for a possible link to a Hepatitis A outbreak.

While the items have passed their expiration date, the FDA has stated that anyone who purchased the strawberries between March 5 & April 25 & froze them for later use should not eat them.

People with hepatitis A usually recover in one to two weeks, though it can become chronic in rare cases.

According to the FDA, FreshKampo and HEB branded strawberries purchased between March 5 and April 25 should not be consumed.

Strawberries should be discarded if you are unsure of the brand or when and where they were purchased, according to the FDA. Frozen strawberries should also be discarded.

Anyone experiencing hepatitis A symptoms after eating strawberries should contact their doctor.