How to apply for a job in 2022 on LinkedIn

Before recruiters review your entire LinkedIn profile, you must capture their attention with a professional photo and a compelling LinkedIn headline.

LinkedIn generates your headline by default based on your current job title and company. "Procommun Project Manager," for example. However, personalization can make a significant difference.

In search results, profiles without a photo appear inactive and unimpressive. Make sure to find a high-resolution photo of yourself that is appropriate for work.

Fill out your profile: So, if your LinkedIn profile isn't up to date, it may appear "very bare-bones" or won't tell your entire career story, she says.

When a recruiter connects with you on multiple levels, they will have a lot more to talk about with you and will be much more likely to consider you. Include information such as interests, hobbies, organisations, or volunteer experience.

Grammarly comes to the rescue: You'd be surprised how many recruiters use poor spelling and grammar to screen candidates out. Use txt abbreviations such as "u" for you or "2" for to.

Request testimonials from current or former employers and colleagues for your profile page to add credibility to any skills or projects you've listed.