How to do Mayurasana Yoga Lifestyle

‘Mayur’ is a Sanskrit word and it usually means peacock. So, mayurasana is a posture which assumes the form of a peacock all through the asana.

Relax in Vajrasana, or the thunderbolt pose.

Sit on both of your higher scales and area your knees on the floor.

Now, stretch your fingers on your arms and area your palms on the ground. At that time fingers will keep on being stretched and pointing backward.

Now, spot your elbows on either aspect of the navel and do the complete course of action gently. Slowly but surely and slowly extend both of those legs together and come little ahead comfortably.

Now, increase the higher part of your entire body.

Soon after increasing the higher aspect of your human body, it straightens your legs like a stick and also it should continue to keep horizontal.

Retain straight your neck, chest and also head.

Hold the placement for a couple of minutes.

Return to initial starting up placement with bit by bit folding your legs and placing the knees on the floor.

Now, raise your palms from the floor and sit comfortably on the soles.