Our Childhood Friend Internet Explorer Browser Retires at 26

Internet Explorer is no longer available. After 26 years, Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer.

The ageing web browser is being phased out in favour of Microsoft Edge, with support for IE 11 officially ending today.

It's the end of an era for the internet, after Microsoft abandoned the Internet Explorer branding with the release of Windows 10 in 2015.

Microsoft has stated that the Internet Explorer icons will be removed in a future Windows update.

Microsoft does not make money directly from browsers.

Edge defaults to Microsoft's Bing search engine, which generates advertising revenue for the software and hardware maker.

This segment accounts for roughly 6% of Microsoft's total revenue, amounting to nearly $3 billion in the first quarter.

However, Internet Explorer retains a small following, in part because it is the only way to access certain corporate web applications.

Even though it is being retired, it is not going away.

Microsoft wants to migrate Internet Explorer users to its Edge browser, which is available on smartphones and Linux in addition to Windows.

Our Childhood Friend Internet Explorer Browser Retires at 26