SARVA: Where Yoga & Meditation Come Together

Sarvesh Shashi, the founder of SARVA Yoga Studio and Diva Yoga, is what the urgency of the pandemic needs to speed up the objectives as a startup.

SARVA Yoga Studio, founded in 2016, has been growing at a swift pace. In October 2018, it launched its premium brand segment Diva Yoga.

The SARVA app offers a virtual classroom where you can attend a yoga class, learn a variety of other meditation practices.

SARVA is an app that hosts yoga positions for your body and mindfulness stories for you to calm both your body and mind.

The digital platform consists of four separate menus – the body menu, the mind menu, the nourish menu, and the achieve menu.

The achieve section will provide you with information about transformation, ways to change your most unhealthy habits.

India’s fastest growing Yoga studio chain, SARVA, has ambitious plans to double its footprint over the next coming months.