The Kashmir Files: A case study from the lens of Seth Godin

“When it is empathy and compassion in the driver’s seat, you’re heading straight towards success!”

This is exactly what the film director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has shown us all with his masterpiece movie The Kashmir Files.

Both Vivek Agnihotri and Seth Godin have mentioned time and again in various of their interviews how they feel the need to contribute to the society

Culture is the backbone of society and reviving or bringing in a new culture that benefits the society

Modern marketing works the best when you get the consumer/audience emotionally involved with your product/film.

Seth Godin is considered the “Godfather of Marketing” and back in 2015 he made a bold statement that “Content marketing is the only marketing left”.

“Marketers make change happen: for the smallest viable audience, and by delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages that people actually want to get.”

“You have no chance of changing everyone. You need to change someone. Which ones? Do they share a psychographic?”

“Great marketing is the generous and audacious work of saying, ‘I see a better alternative; come with me."

“Marketers have the empathy to know that those they seek to serve don’t want what the marketer wants, don’t believe what they believe, and don’t care about what they care about.”

The Kashmir Files: A case study from the lens of Seth Godin