Zerodha: A Billion Dollar Bootstrapped Success Case Study

Zerodha is a company that has made all the trading processes barrier-free. It is the very first discount brokerage company in India.

This company has purely grown on the principle of technology while giving valuable services to the customers.

It is one of the fascinating business case studies present in the Indian startup ecosystem as it went from 0 to 1 billion dollars in valuation in just 10 years.

Zerodha has successfully earned billions with zero investment in a world where the others are spending dollars to survive in the market.

Before Zerodha, Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha Founder) observed that three major hurdles were troubling the existing investors and preventing India’s ordinary people from investing in the stock market.

First comes the Lack of knowledge and awareness; as we all know, we in India make more life decisions based on myths and emotions rather than knowledge and strategy.

Secondly, the Exorbitant brokerage fees.

Thirdly, the entire process of acquisition was very tedious and very complex for an ordinary person to understand.

And that is the reason why Zerodha came out with three unique solutions for these problems, which turned Zerodha into a billion-dollar company.