Future of Meta after 26% Crash

Dropping more than 26%, the company set a rather unpleasant record, wiping out $230 billion in market valuation in a single day, the largest loss in history for a US company.

Apple's recent iOS privacy changes also harmed the company, making ad targeting more difficult.

The future of the company's much-touted metaverse, as well as the entire AR and VR ecosystem, is now in jeopardy.

Facebook's targeting capabilities are hampered by slow user growth, rising competition, and recent changes to the iOS privacy policy.

Facebook was the first to pioneer Web 3.0, the next stage of the internet's evolution.

The metaverse is essentially a shared 3D virtual world made possible by augmented reality headsets.

The metaverse is the next logical step in the process of replacing the physical world with a more interoperable world.

The crypto and NFT markets have taken a similar hit since Meta's crash.

Meta's initiative aided in bringing the metaverse concept to the fore.

Everyone's interest in the metaverse continues to grow.

Overall, the metaverse's dream is alive and well.

Future of Meta after 26% Crash