How To Project Confidence Like Jessica Pearson?

It is Jessica Pearson with her courageous character in the series who inspires every woman out there to remain fierce and powerful.

She's a successful managing partner at Pearson Hardman LLP in New York City.

“When you work with tigers, they will take a swipe at you once in a while. I like working with tigers. Of course, when they get out of hand, you have to put them down”. - Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson‘s traits are worth learning.

She Owns Her Successes

Emotions Are Never Her Enemy 

Jessica Person is a successful Managing Partner who owns the power to deal with tough situations and overcome them with her wit and determination.

As a leader, Jessica Pearson likes to face challenges head-on and never shies away from challenging situations or conversations.

All in all, Jessica Pearson in Suits is known for outwitting contenders with her powerful, regal, and fierce personality and a never-giving-up attitude.

How To Project Confidence Like Jessica Pearson?