How To Project Confidence Like Jessica Pearson?

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Those who’ve ever watched the famous American T.V. show Suitsmight remember this powerful quote by Jessica Pearson, a successful managing partner at Pearson Hardman LLP in New York City. This show primarily focuses on how corporate law firms typically work and illuminates the viewers about their triumph and turbulences, beginning from the paralegal’s associates to the Managing Partner level.

“When you work with tigers, they will take a swipe at you once in a while. I like working with tigers. Of course, when they get out of hand, you have to put them down”.


Jessica Pearson

While the bromance between Harvey Specter and Mike Ross stealing the show, it is Jessica Pearson with her courageous character who inspires every woman out there to remain fierce and powerful. 

A Brief Overview of Suits and Jessica Pearson 

A hugely successful American show, Suits, revolves around the story of the law firm “Pearson Hardman LLP” having its plush corporate law firm in New York City. The series exhibits the main protagonist Harvey Specter as the uber-cool suavely dressed, a successful senior partner who hates to lose and thus, endeavors to win at any cost, and Jessica Pearson, the boss lady. 

Also, viewers who haven’t watched the show can picture this fierce lady posing on the boss chair of her corner office and outfitted to perfection in stylish and uber chic formal dresses and coats. Stern yet graceful, she admonishes the main protagonist Harvey Specter and plays a mentor to him on many occasions.  


Prominent Traits and Signs of Confidence in Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson‘s traits are worth learning. Here are some powerful attributes of this fierce lady that you can incorporate in life to become a better version of yourself.

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She Owns Her Successes

Jessica Pearson is a fearless woman who never shrinks in a deposition and does not be with a man who cannot respect and value her position and all the commitments it arrives with it. 

Furthermore, Ms. Pearson undoubtedly doesn’t find it generous her old superiors who employed her for workplace diversity rather than her exceptional skillset. Even after working twelve hours or more in a day, saving half of the firm from getting arrested, she makes time for herself to dine in the finest restaurants as she strived hard for her success. 


Emotions Are Never Her Enemy 

Though Jessica has a chequered past, coming out of a failed marriage, she rose above setbacks in her personal life. She is determined to achieve success for herself and the firm.

The robust personality of Jessica knows what exactly she wants, values ethics, how to keep secrets, and can work towards achieving her vision. All in all, Jessica is a visionary woman possessing a powerful personality yet having a balanced emotional side that’s only known to her near and dear ones. 

Things to Learn From Jessica Pearson as a Powerful Personality

Jessica Person is a successful Managing Partner who owns the power to deal with tough situations and overcome them with her wit and determination. 

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This strong lady is steadfast intelligent, possesses outstanding legal acumen, values trust, and loyalty, and is also known for her immense confidence that uplifts and contributes to her personality. Also, her power of making quick decisions and keeping the firm’s interest at the forefront are some classic examples showcasing her extraordinary talent.

Things to Learn From Jessica Pearson as a Company Leader

As a leader, Jessica Pearson likes to face challenges head-on and never shies away from challenging situations or conversations. The boss lady’s eye for spotting talent, nurturing them, and knowing who will fit for which job are some of her astounding qualities. As a true leader, she can reconcile differences between her team members by promoting collaboration at work.

All in all, Jessica Pearson in Suits is known for outwitting contenders with her powerful, regal, and fierce personality and a never-giving-up attitude.

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