Creating an NFT collection is very important regardless of whether you’re an existing business owner or not. Making your blockchain presence is the need of the hour, and embracing NFT adoption can only be made with the help of blockchain.

The course of NFT development begins from the ideation phase. After all, you create your NFT collection to make money (either in the short or long term), don’t you?

The revenue-generating model is a big factor that influences the NFT development cost in 2022.

It’s the buyers (or community in the web3 analogy) that will determine the success of your NFT collection.

One important factor that decides the cost to create an NFT is – do you want your NFT to be a single-chain collection or a multi-chain collection?!

When calculating the cost of creating an NFT, remember that taking the multi-chain approach to mint the NFT can result in significant cost variances.