How to Adjust Your Jaw to Adjust your Body

In Mahabharat we get acquainted to a fascinating woman named Gandhari. She was married to Dhritrashtra, a blind King. As soon as she realized that her husband was blind, she blindfolded herself.

Her voluntarily restrained eyes supplemented with the power of devotion and love of husband grew in power. Her eyes accumulated such a treasure of power that she could make anyone invincible by a mere glance.

“The eyes are useless if the mind is blind.” – says Vidyut Jamwal, India’s most famous Kalaripayattu martial art practicioner. Here is him swinging Urumi, the most dangerous sword of planet to chop random objects with a blindfold.


Mind’s Eye

Many of us cannot even stand on one leg with our eyes closed, let alone control an object external to us. I challenge you to stand as shown in the pic for 30 seconds. Many of you would nail it. Now take a walk around the room and retry the same with eyes closed. Oops.

Naadis are impalpable connective vital axis of our body. Gandhari naadi runs from the left eye to left foot. Hastajiva naadi runs from right eye to right foot. The connections have not only ethereal, but physical linkings. Visualise them like giant strings able to stretch and squeeze according to your body posture.

Unfortunately, most of us live a sedentary life, putting most of our weight on light leg if we ever choose to walk. We don’t use our body symmetrically anymore because we don’t even walk much. Watch this video from 0:00 to 1:40 . Shocking, right ? Trust me, your jaw has eyes. Your every body part has eyes.


You must have seen that even though some animals have no eyes but they use their antennas, ear and stuff to do just fine. How ? By using the sensory input they have in harmony of nature to create an extrasensory input. Let me explain.

Your feet have eyes –

If you walk with right leg dominance, try this. Walk barefeet and notice which part of your feet falls on ground ?


Front part of left AND Heel of the right.

When that happens, your body assumes, “I am walking on a flat surface on right side, but on a declining hill on the left.” When that happens, your left hip comes forward, left shoulder rotates internally. That’s the magic of mind’s eyes dear Yodhas. Your feet saw something which your mind did not. Hence your body malformed it’s anatomy without taking the consent of your brain. Fascinating, ain’t it ?

Fortunately, you don’t need an oral splint to address your Gandhari and Hastajiva naadi imbalance. All you need is a toothpick, or some other thin long object like it. Dental floss works fine too.

If you are a right leg dominant man, you are most probably overclenching the right teeth 24*7. Your left sided teeth are relatively ungrounded. Your teeth have trained your left jaw muscles to stay right there. Left jaw further loosens left neck, left neck elevates left collar bone and so on. It’s a flood gate of chaos.

Simply put the toothpick between your right upper and lower teeth. Remember – the toothpick shall not only be in contact with teeth on the backward surface, but also on the front. From the last molar to first premolar.

 Now begins the drama. Your left teeth would be stunned. “We are too scarily ungrounded, hanging mid air now. We gotta embrace each other.”

Are you guys Peaky Blinders fan too ? I am. The basic storyline of the series goes like this – the family is introduced in episode 1. The family fights with each other from episode 2 to 4. The enemies ally against the family in episode 5. And when that happens, the Shelbies forget their personal matter to unite and repeat the simple message – “No one messes with Peaky Blinders.”

Similarly, if you ungroud the left jaw family for long enough, they desire to unite. Jaw muscles join the party like Alfie Solomons and Barney Thompson (that maniac with machine gun).

How long shall I keep the toothpick there ? Completely depends on the level of disbalance in your body. I personally have horrible bone genetics. I had a crossbite plus my lower jaw got narrower than upper jaw. Sounds scary enough i guess. I practiced the above for 8ish hours per day for 3 days.

Unless you have crossbite you can be benefitted immensely by mere 20 minutes of practice. Hope you learnt something fruitful today. Feel free to hit me up with queries. Would be glad to help.

Bonus Tip: Consider doing fun and different activities every day. This has proven to be a very strong point for many people to turn their day around. Try adding small elements to your daily routine that will have a tiny positive effect on your life. Watching a funny video, reading an inspirational quote, and visiting fun sites like fortune-telling websites, could have a positive effect on your life.

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