Learn from Akansha Dabral how to earn money while sitting at home

After marriage, the opportunity for most women to go out and get a job is closed. Some women are unable to manage both work at home and outside, while others leave their dreams behind to take care of children. In such a situation, they have to step forward and do something. Akansha Dabral has taken many steps in this direction. Akansha is a resident of Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. She is a housewife, a mother, and a YouTuber.

When Akansha got married, she was working, but after marriage, she could not continue her job. At the same time, she also had to become financially independent. So she started working on her skills. Akansha says that anything can be achieved by strengthening one’s skills. So Akansha honed her skills and started working on them. Due to this, she is financially independent today.

Today, she has more than 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube.


Akansha began her journey to financial independence on YouTube. She has a channel named Digitalakansha, which has more than 50 thousand subscribers. Here, Akansha advises all women and others on how to earn money sitting at home. Akansha says that everyone can earn money by staying at home and taking care of their children. But you should know how to earn money. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you how to earn money.

Earn money through social media with your skills.

If you have any skills, then you can earn money sitting at home. For this, you do not need to worry at all. You can also learn a lot from YouTube videos and earn money by utilizing them. Start your YouTube channel and work on it without any interruption. Surely, one day, you will achieve success. At the same time, you can also learn all the things related to YouTube through YouTube videos. You learn to upload videos and create thumbnails. One day, you can earn a good amount of money with the help of these things.


Start the cloud kitchen.

In today’s time, everyone likes home-made food and food prepared by their mother. You can also earn money from this. Let us tell you: Swiggy and Zomato give you the freedom to open a cloud kitchen. With this, you can deliver food to people right from your kitchen. For this, you will need some documents. This includes the FSSAI license, PAN card, or canceled check. After this, you can easily earn money by starting a cloud kitchen.

Take part in the Startup India scheme.


In today’s time, the Startup Idea Scheme is being run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You should know about it and read it carefully. This will give you an idea of which startups you can participate in and become a businesswoman. This will inspire you to move forward. You must have seen many women pitching their businesses on Shark Tank. With this, you too can get inspired and create your own identity.

Do freelancing from home.

To progress in any field, it is very important to have skills. Akansha says that if you lack skills, then you can learn them. YouTube is a completely free platform. You can learn from there and use it. You can earn money from this. You can also earn money sitting at home by freelancing. For this, you just have to create your account on LinkedIn. After this, you can easily earn money on social media and make yourself financially independent. If you are inspired by Akansha Dabral’s story and want to hear the whole story from her herself, then visit Josh Talks Asha’s YouTube channel.

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