The teaching journey of the most famous teacher, Jaideep Singh

Guru’s place is very important in everyone’s life. There are some teachers who are very successful in their lives. So today we have brought the story of Jaideep Singh to you. Jaideep is an English teacher today and is quite famous. Jaideep’s way of teaching has become his identity today. But to reach this position, Jaideep Sir had to face many challenges. At present, Jaideep is running his own YouTube channel and coaching.

Jaideep Singh is originally from Delhi. He belongs to a middle-class family. But since childhood, Jaideep has been very fond of reading. Jaideep was always interested in studying. Since childhood, Jaideep has wanted to study at a big school. But due to a lack of money, he could not study at a big school. But Jaideep’s father did not hamper Jaideep’s studies at all at home. He used to teach Jaideep through big school books. He used to pay a lot of attention to his studies.

He got inspiration to become a teacher while teaching small children.


Jaideep studied very well. This was one of the biggest reasons why he scored very well in 10th. Due to this, the parents of the nearby children insisted on Jaideep educating their children. After this, Jaideep himself stayed in class 11 and taught the children of class 10. Apart from this, when Jaideep was in 12th grade, he started teaching the children in 11th grade. That’s why Jaideep started enjoying teaching from the very beginning. Jaideep had taken admission in graduation from commerce only. But the desire to become a teacher was still alive within him.

He left his job and started teaching.

After graduating from Delhi University, Jaideep got a job in a very good company through placement. But Jaideep had no desire to do the job. He still wanted to teach children. Once, he went to Mukherjee Nagar to watch a movie. Then he saw that thousands of children were preparing for government jobs here. After this, Jaideep also thought of preparation, and he prepared wholeheartedly. In this, Jaideep passed the written examination of the SBI PO. But he still had a desire to become a teacher, due to which he could not crack the interview. Now Jaideep decided that he had to teach. Jaideep told this to his family. He did not get any support from his family. Still, Jaideep decided that he would remain a teacher.


He started teaching for free.

Jaideep had decided that he wanted to teach. But he did not know which subject he would teach. First, the thought came to his mind that he would teach math. But there were already many math teachers. So he decided to teach English. For this, he went to a small coaching institute in Mukherjee Nagar. There, he said that he had to teach English. You just gave me one chance. But the coaching institute refused to give him classes. On this, Jaideep said that he would teach the children for free. After this, he got the class. Certainly, he got a lot of support from the children. All the children loved reading from Jaideep. After this, he started taking classes. There were thousands of children in Jaideep’s class. After this, Jaideep, along with some of his teacher friends, thought that they had to open their own institute. After this, all the teachers together opened their coaching.

Jaideep started receiving threats.


When Jaideep opened his coaching, he started receiving threats from the old coaching owner. Some goons also came to beat him there. But this time, Jaideep got a lot of support from his students. Jaideep’s students also saved him from goons and dropped him home safely. This was a big success for Jaideep. Today, it is because of those students that Jaideep has made a name for himself.

Join Jaideep Sir’s YouTube channel today.

If you also want to learn English from Jaideep sir, then join his YouTube channel. Here, you can also learn English and prepare for a government job. Let us tell you, Jaideep has been teaching English for the last 12 years, and due to this, children are also getting selected for government jobs. Let us tell you that the name of Jaideep’s YouTube channel is ENGLISH BY JAIDEEP SINGH, and it has 1.19 million subscribers.

He started teaching online coaching.

After all these efforts, Jaideep decided to teach online coaching. After this, he connected with students through many online platforms. Apart from this, he started his own YouTube channel. After this, Jaideep got a lot of support from students online. Today, Jaideep has more than one million subscribers on YouTube. Apart from this, Jaideep’s financial condition has also become very good. At one time, Jaideep used to ride his bicycle and teach cycling to children. Whereas today Jaideep has an Audi. His identity has become quite clear. If you want to hear the whole story from Jaideep himself, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

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