Huawei FreeBuds 4 – Is it better than AirPods?

The ability to enjoy hands-free comfort while listening to music or taking calls has been transformed by true wireless headphones. People no longer appreciate wired headphones since they are simple to lose; nonetheless, the competitive market has produced several superb alternatives that surpass them by a significant margin. The Huawei FreeBuds is a well-liked choice that has developed through time to provide its consumers with the finest. 

With lively sound and have decent bass response without being overpowering or unnecessarily hyped up, even the Freebuds 4 price is relatively easy to afford. You can buy it for 11,600. However, now the question comes does it compete with Airpods? Read below to know in detail. 

Everything you need to know about Huawei FreeBuds 4

The FreeBuds 4 from Huawei are a unique breed. Because of its open design, no ear tip might irritate your ear canal. But unlike most other open earbuds, they include active noise cancellation to drown out background noise. Once you use it, you will undoubtedly love its touch controls and clear sound. But, you can be dissatisfied with its mediocre battery life and not-so-good noise cancellation property. 


These earbuds resemble their predecessors- the original Apple AirPods and FreeBuds 3, thanks to their extended stems and white finish. With a design that doesn’t feature replaceable ear tips, offering a one-size-fits-all solution is arduous; therefore, whether they stay properly depends on your unique ear shape. You will discover that working out caused the buds in your tiny ears to go loose. If you use them in the gym, its IPX4 designation ensures they can survive splashes or perspiration.

Active Noise Cancellation Feature 

It is impossible to achieve highly effective ANC without in-ear buds or over-ear headphones that physically cover the ear to exclude outside noise. Huawei promises that these earbuds contain ear-matching technology, which analyses how the buds fit in your ear and adjusts the ANC appropriately. But even in the tiny ear canals, which are meant to be the ideal size for noise cancellation, you could hear a considerable bit of background noise from the outside world. You could even carry on a conversation while listening to music at a reasonable volume.

AI Life App

These earbuds from Huawei can be controlled using the AI Life app from Huawei. This software, available in the Google Play stores, will come in useful even if you don’t have a Huawei smartphone. Once the programme is configured, information like the left and right earphones’ battery levels, a connecting hub, a charging case for all your associated devices, and various other capabilities are available. 


How is it different from Airpods? 

Overall, it is pretty difficult to tell this product apart from the Apple AirPods 2 because they are similar. Because of its free-fit design, it may snugly fit in your ears without being stuffed into the ear canal. With the noise-cancelling feature, it offers hours of comfortable use.

Although the charging case is significantly thinner and lighter in weight than the FreeBuds 3, it shares a striking aesthetic similarity with the Apple AirPods. This complement offers improved portability and is simple to carry within pockets or backpacks. The connection is established very quickly, and a beep will confirm it as soon as you place it in your ear. These earphones have the additional great feature of being shareable, allowing you to use them with a friend while still having individual functionality. But as soon as one of the earpods is removed, all the media—music, films, etc.—is lost.

The Bottom Line 

Freebuds 4 is Huawei’s newest pair of smart wireless earbuds. The company claims the earphones offer improved sound quality over its previous model. Their design makes them both lightweight and comfortable to wear. In addition, it also comes with a built-in mic and remote control. It can last 2.5 hours with Noise Cancellation on a single charge, but that isn’t nearly as long as competitors like AirPods Pro, which can last twice as long. Without noise cancelling, the battery life may last up to 4 hours, so you can disable ANC and wear one bud in each ear while charging the other to get through the workday.


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