Nicotine Pouches: Fad or Long-Term Smoking Cessation Aids?

WARNING: This article contains contents regarding nicotine and smoking. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and Smoking is injurious to health.

The CDC reports that in America, 68.0% of adult smokers said they want to kick their habit, but only 7.5% of them are successful. One of the main reasons many want to quit is the health risks that accompany prolonged tobacco use, such as cancer and lung disease.

When it comes to smoking cessation, there are many alternatives available on the market, such as nasal sprays and lozenges.

But because these are regulated and must oftentimes be prescribed by a healthcare professional, those who want to quit are finding other products to aid in their road to cessation, and nicotine pouches are rising as one of the go-to’s for many.


Dangers of smoking infographic

What are nicotine pouches?

The nicotine pouches on Prilla demonstrate how they are a tobacco-free product that users put between their upper lip and gum to extract the nicotine. They come in a variety of flavors and strengths, making them ideal for a wide range of people. For those who enjoy a stick or two in a day, they can make use of brands like ZYN’s 3mg pouches, which have lower nicotine content. Those who go through at least one pack a day can opt for something like Lucy’s 12mg products. A few of the popular flavors that many brands offer are cinnamon, citrus, and coffee. For those who want something milder, there are also gentler flavoring options such as plain, sweet, and mint.

Many companies offer a wide range of packs as well to better suit users. A can typically contain 15 pouches but customers can often buy them in bulk to increase their savings. More frequent smokers make use of the wholesale prices for their convenience as well.

Seeing how easy they are to use, it’s no wonder why nicotine pouches are gaining a following among those who want to quit smoking. But is their popularity just a passing fad?

Are they here to stay?

Aside from health risks, another reason people are choosing to shift to nicotine alternatives is because of the recent bans that the FDA has implemented. They have prohibited menthol and other flavored tobacco products from being distributed in the country as a way to deter people from developing a dependency. This gained some pushback from avid cigarette smokers since it limits their options.

With the health risks and sanctions that come with using certain tobacco products, the rise of nicotine pouches comes as no surprise. Compared to cigarettes, they are cheaper and more accessible. They also offer more variety than other alternatives making them the more viable and sustainable option for many in comparison to other products.


In terms of trajectory, many brands such as Swedish Match, Altria, and Dryft are expected to continue growing by 30.7% in the next six years. Though they are mostly used within Europe, where tobacco laws are much stricter, other regions will inevitably start to follow suit in terms of users, particularly in the U.S. where lots of smokers are trying to quit. The nicotine pouch market is proving to be a growth that is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

As more people try to veer away from using cigarettes and other tobacco products, a rise in nicotine alternatives will remain. Nicotine pouches will continue to grow as one of the most popular options on the market because they offer ease and convenience for users. With its wide range of flavors and strengths, smokers will have more options to choose from.


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