5 Benefits of Using GitHub to Boost Business Productivity

If it’s not your first time exploring the tech world, the word “Github” might already sound familiar to you. You hear programmers talking about it so often that you might have wondered what makes it so unique. Well, it’s a leading platform for a good reason, and that’s why developers have chosen to create projects on it. But before anything else, let’s get to know the essence of Github.

What Is Github?

A software development platform and a code-hosting service – that’s what GitHub is all about. Created in 2008, this well-known platform allows programmers to create their own projects and collaborate with fellow developers. Its use isn’t just limited to building software as it’s also a social networking site. With more than 94 million users who have hopped on the Github train, it’s one way to expand your network and show your projects to the world. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Github? 

When it comes to the benefits, Github has plenty to offer. It’s no wonder that many programmers have made Github their code hosting platform of choice. It’s easier to connect with other members of the community and it’s the perfect avenue to showcase your best work. But, there’s a lot more to this popular software development platform than meets the eye. Here are some of the benefits of using Github


Showcasing Your Work

Whether you’re a budding developer or a seasoned programmer, Github is an excellent platform to showcase your work. And especially if you want to be noticed by recruiters, creating a profile that exhibits your best work just might help you get that job offer you’ve always wanted. A profile tells your story; it talks about the projects you have a penchant for, your skill level, and your passion for coding. 

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For instance, recruiters could tell you have a passion for coding by checking your contributions. Are you contributing regularly to other projects or do you just focus on yours? How frequently do you tweak your codes? A programmer’s answer to these questions could be quite telling. If, say, a programmer would regularly show small revisions to their code, that could show their dedication to their craft. And simple habits such as that could warrant a second look at your GitHub profile. 

Collaboration Made Easier 

One of the biggest advantages of using GitHub is the ease of collaboration. With many projects created open-source, programmers can contribute to projects that pique their interest. It’s also made remote work more productive, especially in collaborative environments. You don’t have to be in the same location and connected to the company’s VPN to get the work done. All you need is a repository on GitHub that you both have access to. 


Track Your Revisions

When looking back at your code, you’ll always find something to improve on. No matter how minor or major that change may be, it’s helpful to know that using GitHub tracks your revision history for you. GitHub employs some form of version control – a feature found in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office applications. It’s beneficial when you’re working on a collaborative project and multiple revisions need to be done. And when you’re working with others, making changes to the codebase directly just won’t work especially when developers are still testing certain parts of code. Instead, developers download their own copy, make their own changes, and merge it with the main codebase. Through commenting, they can further explain their rationale behind these changes. This feature allows you to review your revision history and see who has revised this specific part of the code and when it was done. 

Worry Less With Your Backups 

If you’re constantly worried about losing months or even years of your hard-earned progress, this kind of incident should be the least of your concerns. Thanks to the frequent backups of Github, you can easily retrieve past versions of your project. While this feature is welcome, it’d be even better if you have other backup solutions available. 

Github Pages

More and more features are being released by Github, but one in particular that might be useful to you is Github Pages. It allows you to create static websites from the Github repository. It’s helpful if you want to host a website for yourself or an organization. Take note that this is best used for static websites, which are typically technical documents. And for public websites, there is no added cost.


GitHub Pages, a web-based platform, also boasts a bug-reporting system for websites. An added advantage of it being web-based is that you don’t have to install any software to make it work. Whether you want to work on your projects at home or in a public workspace, both options are possible with the leading platform. 

In Conclusion

Github is, no doubt, one of the most useful platforms on the Internet for developers today. The perfect platform to showcase their work, Github also connects developers with other like-minded developers to work on projects collaboratively. On top of that, it allows you to work on many development projects out there – API development, web development, game development, and a whole lot more!

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