Why You Should Join a Startup Instead of an MNC?

The choice – startup vs MNC – comes knocking on your door as soon as you graduate. While one is a hard-to-deny and more-money-in-the-pocket offer, the other offers you something better like co-building a company from scratch! So, would you rather have an assigned part in a project or help in the development and growth of a startup? The choice is yours!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

1. The Opportunity of Innovation

Startups in IT have no fixed way of working or accomplishing a process. Let’s say you have an innovative idea related to database management or a software development process, there is no way that your voice won’t be heard. The same can’t be said about an MNC where a rigid working process exists.


2. Recognition

With a pre-set hierarchy, all the appreciation and recognition may go to the team lead in an MNC. But, in a startup, since everyone knows who worked on what, everybody is appreciated and recognized for their efforts.

3. Self-Motivated Work Culture

At startups, whenever a project or new task comes in, everyone’s inputs are sought. When you work in such an environment, you automatically want to involve more, innovate more, and achieve more. In MNCs, with a target-based approach, a team can give their inputs only on specific tasks and not on the project as a whole, thus limiting your motivation to involve and innovate.

4. Flexible Work Schedule

Having a personal emergency or a flat tire? No problem. Most startups harbor a flexible work schedule, which means that you can come in late if you have an emergency and also stay in late when there is work to be done. MNCs with their strictly timed entries won’t allow you to join late but you might have to stay back late to work.


5. Personal Growth

If you wish to explore what you want to do, then a startup is your thing. You may be trained to work in IT, but, what specific field? Is it database management, quality analysis, software development, or business development? You can figure this out in a startup as you can try your hands on every related task, whereas in an MNC you will be assigned to one of these and be bound to work in it.

6. Transparency

Startups in India usually have more transparency when compared to MNCs. In MNCs, you wouldn’t even know why you are performing a certain task. At startups, everything is shared with the team, and each one’s inputs matter.

7. Enhanced Responsibility

At startups, every member is empowered to handle responsibility. You are given a task that you are fully accountable for, which will push you to put in all the needed efforts to complete the task. In an MNC, however, the responsibility lies with someone on top of the hierarchy ladder and you are only delegated with a task.


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