Credit Card Holder!! Then CRED App Is Your Next Best Friend

The CRED app has become a household name thanks to its innovative advertisements. Ads featuring Rahul Dravid, Govinda, Jackie Shroff, and Neeraj Chopra have become an instant hit. You might also find their references on various memes online. While you may have loved the ad, do you know what the CRED app is all about?

After using the CRED app, you might wonder why you didn’t start using it earlier. If your answer was no, then it is time to change that to a yes. Do you own a credit card? If so, CRED is going to become your new best friend.

“Find me a person who has not learned from their mistakes and I will show you a person who often blames others for their failures.”


Kunal Shah, Founder CRED App

What is the CRED App?

CRED app is essentially an app that you can use to pay your credit card bill. If that is all, then what is all the hullabaloo about? The app is easy to use and rewards users when they pay their credit card bills on time.

If you have ever missed the due date for paying your credit card bill, then you are aware of the guilt and the fines that follow. No one intentionally misses their due date; there is so much going on in life that sometimes, the credit card bill payment becomes an innocent victim.

Not paying the bill on time not only attracts a fine, but it also impacts your credit score and, subsequently, your ability to take loans in the future. With the CRED app, you get timely reminders for paying these bills on time.


What Are Some of the Features of the CRED App?

The app reminds you about your credit card bill due date, which you could just set a reminder for. Why do you need another app, you ask? Well, CRED is much more than just a reminder. It comes loaded with many features that sweeten the deal.


Ease of Adding and Managing Credit Cards

Handling the bill payment for a single card might not seem too complicated. However, if you use multiple credit cards, it can become a little more complicated. The risk of missing out on the payment for any one of them is high. On top of it, going to the payment portals for the different credit card companies and making the payments is an added hassle. 

The best part about the app is that you can add multiple credit cards to your account. If you are juggling more than one card, the CRED app will ensure that you never miss the payment for any of them.


Promising Cashback and Rewards

Imagine getting rewarded every time you pay your credit card bills. That is precisely what you get with the CRED app. You earn CRED coins that are proportional to your bill amount. You can then use these CRED coins to get rewards or discounts from brands such as Cure. Fit, Myntra, Diesel, and many more.

The CRED app also offers a feature called ‘Kill the Bill.’ If you use this option, you can use your CRED coins towards paying your credit card bill.

You can also participate in various games and raffles organized by the CRED app using your CRED coins to win cashback. 

Auto Payment and Hidden Charges Alerts

Have you enabled auto payment for some transactions or EMIs? In that case, you need to keep track of the payment dates for these to ensure that you have a sufficient balance in the bank account. Otherwise, the auto-debit fails, and that causes issues in the future. 

The CRED app can give you alerts about auto payments so that you always have enough balance in the account and are aware that the amount will be debited from the report on the said date.

CRED also informs you about any hidden charges in certain transactions. It helps you choose various payment methods and ensures that you know where your money is going. 

Spend Tracking

Every time you get your credit card bill, you might wonder where all that money went. Where is it that you are spending the maximum? Is there an area where you can reduce your expenses? If you use the CRED app to make credit card bill payments, you won’t have to worry about this.

CRED comes with a spending tracker that helps categorize your spending and gives you an insight into your expenses. If you plan on budgeting or reducing your costs, then this feature can be helpful. It can help you identify frivolous charges and reduce them. 


Ready for the CRED Revolution?

Are you convinced that the CRED app is going to be your best friend? All you have to do to get all these rewards and access to these innovative features is download the app and register yourself. The process is simple, and the app is very intuitive. You will have no trouble accessing the elements, and you will soon become a pro at paying bills via CRED. You might even find yourself telling your friends and family about the app and convincing them to use it.

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