7 Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

Trying to get rid of a mountain of the junk while your home is cluttered might be difficult.

Take a five-minute break today. And then there was another the next day. You’ll have cleared an entire closet or room, then half your house, and then… who knows? Perhaps your home will soon be even less messy than everyone else’s!

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”


Marie Kondo
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Let’s look at the mechanics of clutter before jumping into the fantasy of having a spotless, clutter-free home:

Firstly, what is the definition of clutter?

Anything you maintain that doesn’t add value to your life is clutter. Making room in your home for the essential things is the goal of decluttering.

From where does clutter originate?

To comprehend clutter, you must first identify its source, which is most probably indecision.


We have clutter in our houses because we haven’t determined where to put everything, and in our lives, we haven’t taken charge to decide what is and isn’t essential to us. We end up with STUFF in our lives when we don’t make decisions – it’s that easy!

So, we know that clutter takes many forms, but it’s an aspect of our lives that has to be sorted out at the end of the day.

Why declutter, and what are its benefits?

For many people, organizing and decluttering relieve stress by giving them a sense of control and success. Decluttering lowered overall pressure for 61.7 percent of study respondents. Some people may only need to declutter their homes before moving. Others find that getting rid of waste creates extra room in their homes that wasn’t previously available; whatever your motivation for decluttering your house and, by extension, your life, this incredibly detailed guide will walk you through the process.


Don’t put off tackling your junk any longer. Begin with a clean slate by implementing these decluttering tips in your own house ASAP!

“From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change. That’s why the task of putting your house in order should be done quickly. It allows you to confront the issues that are really important. Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination. The true goal should be to establish the lifestyle you want most once your house has been put in order.”

Marie Kondo

1. Make a decluttering weekend a priority.

Maybe you don’t feel like decluttering right now. However, if you book it for later this month, you will be able to free your schedule. You might not be able to clear the entire house in one weekend, but you’ll almost certainly make significant progress.

2. Pick up five items and put them in their proper spots.

These should be items that you genuinely use yet seem to strew over the house because they don’t have a home. You must identify a decent area if you are unsure about where things belong.

3. Remove all duplicates.

If you find that you have multiples of the same item—for example, four different can openers—consider whether you really need all of them. One should be kept in a handy location, and the others should be donated or sold.

4. Create a system of natural declutterers.

Consider measures to avoid future clutter development if you discover a “problem region” where more clutter than usual gathers. Set up recycling can next to where you read your mail, and you’ll naturally dump the trash before it piles up.

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5. Allow “sunk costs” to be forgotten.

You can be clinging to something because it was first costly to acquire. The trouble is, if it’s not something you use, need, or love right now, it’s just adding to the clutter and affecting the beauty of your home overall.

6. Consider why you want to keep each item in your collection.

When you’re decluttering and having trouble letting go of something, even if you know you don’t use, need, or love it, consider why you’re holding on to it and weigh the economic value of the item.

7. Stop bringing more things home!

It’s crucial to get rid of the clutter you already have. However, if you want to make headway decluttering your home, you must also cease, or at least slow down, bringing more things into your home.

Bonus: While in a dilemma, retain that which Sparks Joy!

As the very famous tidying expert Marie Kondo asks her clients to focus on what to retain, then what to discard. According to her, it only makes decluttering easier. The simple rule of thumb is to retain clothes that ‘spark joy. Though for someone it may be books or a box full of letters. Whatever it may be, the idea is to reduce the noise around that, which shall shine through all the clutter!


As we approach the horizon of the blog, here are our parting thoughts for you:

Make an effort to be better!

Begin with a clutter-free home and adopt minimalism. It can improve your mood and productivity in addition to being excellent for your health! Furthermore, decluttering and organizing your home might help you lower your carbon footprint. We hope that this decluttering advice from expert organizers will assist you in making space for the things that matter most to you and allowing you to live your best life!

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