Why is Tricentis Tosca becoming an industry leader?

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Today, digital transformation is a strategic initiative taken by every business organization driving customer experience to work immaculately. Managing business risk is crucial and requires both continuous testing and test automation. As DevOps marks the benchmark in the high-performing organization, traditional test automation is gradually straining to meet shorter release cycles. Several organizations have meticulously modernized their development and operational processes and technologies, but when old testing tools persist, DevOps fails to deliver its anticipated benefits.

“Tricentis is a software testing company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Mountain View, California. It provides software testing automation and software quality assurance products for enterprise software.”


Industry’s most innovative testing automation platform, Tricentis, with its Tosca supports the most complex applications. Today, Tricentis Tosca is recognized for its fully integrated software testing solutions that are designed to enable continuous testing by enabling manual testers to become automation specialists. For example, it consistently delivers the best performance improvement to enterprise testing. Also, it does this by using the unique Model-based Test Automation and Test Case Design approach that comprises risk-based testing and service virtualization.


Moreover, with the recently released 11.1 version of Tosca, Tricentis has strengthened its leadership status for enabling end-to-end testing for enterprises. The new version enhances SAP testing, mobile test automation, and BI/ warehouse testing for greater risk coverage. Hence, it helps business users build and maintain advanced and end-to-end tests required for enterprises adopting DevOps.

A True Leader in Software Testing

What makes it a true leader in the industry is the fact that it breaks through the barriers experienced with traditional software testing tools; which is achieving test automation rates of over 90 percent. It accelerates testing to keep up with Agile and DevOps. In addition, it reduces regression testing to minutes, maximizes reuse and maintainability. Hence, it helps in gaining insight into the risk of the release and achieves sustainable automation with proven market-leading technology.

Tricentis received the highest score for ‘Enterprise end-to-end Testing’ in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation Report. 


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