New Productivity features from Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 began rolling out a bunch of fresh designs and brand-new features intended to streamlining your system and assisting you to remain more productive. Also, whether you use your PC in the office or at home, these new features by Microsoft are sure to make your life easier. 

However, you must note that Microsoft is issuing Windows 11 features in stages, so not every user will hold access to it initially. Moreover, the older your system, the longer you might have to wait to get prompted with the update.

Understanding the New Productivity Features From Microsoft 

Microsoft’s latest and simplified UI with subtle animations, rounded corners, and soft sounds diminishes cognitive pressure, so you can concentrate more on what you are working on rather than how to manage your machine. Mentioned hereunder are some top productivity features from Microsoft Windows 11 that will help you make things smooth and seamless. 


Better Screen Space Optimization With New Windows Gestures

Many specialists remain reluctant to have two-in-one laptops or touchscreen layouts. This is because operating Windows with your fingers is never as spontaneous as it should be. This revolutionizes with Windows 11 recent feature. 

Microsoft created the OS to run with both a mouse and your hands to make things easier at work and help you remain productive. Also, this latest feature included better touchpoints and more expanse between icons to help you move apps easier and navigate the screen seamlessly with just one touch. 

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Microsoft Team Integration 

Microsoft Windows 11 combines collaboration and messaging app through Microsoft Teams. It now enables you to convey information and make video calls right from the desktop. 


While this is not as prevalent as other services like Messenger and Zoom, it is a convenient new feature that enhances your team’s productivity. Also, you can now interact straight from your desktop with anyone, as long as they possess a Microsoft team account.

Microsoft Teams application opened in Windows 11
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Undocking Becomes Easier 

Many people employ an external image on their systems and other mobile devices. However, when you unplug your system from the screen with numerous applications running, Windows will attempt to fit them all on your monitor, resulting in a messy desktop. 

However, with this Windows 11 productivity feature, when you unplug your system, it will minimize all the applications in the external display. Hence, even when you carry your laptop with you, all the applications will remain on your external screen when you return.


The Bottom Line 

With the advent of the global pandemic, the work scenario across the globe changed drastically. Also, as compared to the pre-pandemic era, more and more people have begun working from home or pretty much anywhere. This is why the dependence on technology and portable devices got increased. This is what calls for the latest Window innovations. 

Microsoft decided to come up with these features to help people remain productive during their work-from-home hours. And the most competent thing about this update? As long as your system remains compatible, you can relish a free upgrade to Windows 11.

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