Which online learning platform is best in 2021?

What is Online Learning? 

Online learning is classes that are not held in a traditional classroom setting and over the internet. A significant benefit of online learning courses is the convenience – students can learn on their own time, at their own pace from the comforts of their homes.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is one of the best online learning platforms in 2021. MOOCs are free online courses available for anybody to enroll with a variety of incentives. They also provide a flexible way to learn a new skill or advance one’s career. Millions of people worldwide use MOOCs for various reasons, including career development, changing jobs, college preparations, and more!

Some of the Prominent Online Learning Platforms 


Coursera has partnered with more than two hundred top universities and companies to provide students with exciting intellectual opportunities as part of its commitment to online learning. They offer a range of courses in specific areas to learn the skills related to the career you want or need to pursue.



Take courses and lessons from some of the best professors and leading industry experts through captivating lectures and presentations that will help you build your knowledge and expertise. With classes being recorded sessions on edX, you can refer to them whenever convenient for you, so it is never the wrong time to learn something new!


Udacity is an online learning platform for technical disciplines, namely data analysis, software engineering, AI, and web development. Courses are interactive and visual. These include quizzes, short videos for you to enjoy in your free time, and projects to add to your portfolio.


Udemy is a learning platform where users can take courses on any subject. If you have any expertise in a particular field, you can be an Udemy instructor. This is how Udemy helps! Users buy most systems for $10 – 20, with some being free to everyone.



Skillshare is an online learning platform that connects instructors to students all over the world. Classes are divided into several categories, many of which are highly relevant to startup entrepreneurs. Students can learn both theoretical and practical skills online through Skillshare. 


The masterclass teaches creative professionals to pursue their passions. It is a platform that caters to world-renown experts in their fields. These people hold online lectures where students get a comprehensive education on many subjects from the creative industry, including writing to cooking to photography. People who offer this fantastic learning experience include the filmmaker Martin Scorcese, ad guru Rich Silverstein and many more. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, is an online instructional video library with personalized learning paths within specific genres. It provides customized course recommendations and is designed to help you achieve your full potential by searching for courses across many categories, including business, technology, and creative skills.



Online learning is now gaining popularity, and with distance learning becoming the norm, many different online learning platforms are available. It can be hard to know which one is best for you and your needs. The time of online learning is upon us, and we hope that this blog has helped you find an online learning platform that is right for you.


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