Jetson One: A vision to make everyone a pilot

What Is Jetson ONE?

Many of the biggest names in the electric vehicles industry are vying for a spot among the flight pioneers who have been looking to transform the mass transport industry with all-electric flying cars – but a Swedish company has had a different goal in mind. It had looked forward to seeing people everywhere having a personal vehicle for luxury travel.

“Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”


The company first debuted its proof of concept prototype in 2018, and after months of hard work, they have finally released their new product called Jetson ONE, which is available to purchase. It is also highly environmentally friendly compared to most transportation options widely known today.


Features of Jetson ONE

This compact little make is surprisingly lightweight at roughly 190 pounds – which means it can be launched from anywhere, from your yard. Jetson ONE’s make makes it known as an “air taxi” of sorts – as it accommodates its rider weight limit of 210 pounds and vessels them on their way with speeds reaching up to 64 mph! Powered by a lithium-ion battery with a rapid discharge rate, it is beneficial if you are trying to get somewhere fast on time!

The Jetson ONE features a coaxial motor configuration for safe landing even if one motor fails. This gives you peace of mind since your aircraft will still be able to hover in place thanks to the aircraft’s advanced stability algorithm, even with your hands off the controls! 

Jetson knew it would not be just any ordinary crash shell that would protect you from inevitable crash damage, so they got creative and designed a truly unique exoskeleton that encloses your body entirely. It seemed like a daunting task, but it is lightweight, yet the robust design has successfully prevented you from getting hurt by accident.


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Updates and Market Reaction

The Jetson ONE is built around an aluminum spaceframe that can take both bumps and bruises like the kind you’d see in a superhero movie. The Jetson ONE utilizes 3D printed components to keep it lightweight for spontaneous flights in any direction. You can control your flight with precision by using its powerful electric motor propulsion system.

In-flight, the pilot sits in a carbon-fiber composite bucket seat and is buckled into a safety harness. The cockpit walls are reinforced, particularly around the head and areas of the body prone to injury during impacts such as the torso or limbs. A ballistically deployed parachute can bring the aircraft down safely and protect its precious cargo in adverse circumstances.

Of course, the company did not stop there. After collecting enough data and experiences from testing their prototype, rethink how they could improve efficiency and flight time. This brainstorming led them to use more giant carbon fiber propellers with brushless motors that were re-engineered from the ground up to build upon what had already been made, resulting in an even more efficient aircraft with an extended flight capacity.



Jetson ONE is a personal aviation device designed to give you the freedom of flight. It can be utilized for multiple reasons, including recreational, commercial, agricultural, and emergency response. Their goal is to lower the barrier to entry to general aviation and make flying accessible to everyone.


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