Smooth Love Potion: The Axie Infinity Metaverse Token

Smooth Love Potion is nothing complex but a utility token used on the Axie Infinity Ecosystem. Axie Infinity Ecosystem, in simple words, is a Pokemon-inspired universe that is built on Ethereum where any person can earn tokens with the help of their skilled gameplay and contributions to that ecosystem. On this Axie Infinity platform, different players can build a land-based kingdom for their pets or so-called Axies and then enter the game by purchasing Axies from the other players in the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Furthermore, all the in-game assets and the data related to Axie can be accessed by third parties, allowing the community developers to build their tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity universe. 

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Smooth Love Potion is mainly the ERC-20 tokens that can be used to breed new digital pets or Axies. The cost of generating these begins at 100 SLP but increases gradually, which can rise to 200 SLP for the second breed, 300 for the third breed, 500 for the fourth breed, 800 for the fifth breed, and 1300 for the sixth breed. These axies can breed up to seven times, and the seventh breed is the most expensive one, which costs around 2,100 SLP. This limit exists to prevent hyperinflation in the marketplace. 

Who were the founders of Smooth Love Potion?

The company’s CEO behind the game is Trung Nguyen, who left his role as a software developer in the U.S. and decided to focus on the project. 


According to Nguyen, he was motivated to explore the potential of blockchain in gaming from the very beginning. He was frustrated at how many players do not truly own the valuable assets in the popular titles. Furthermore, in an interview, with the Blockchain Gamer, he said that the Ethereum platform had given him the ultimate and the golden opportunity to create his ‘Dream Game.’ He said that the breeding process used by the Smooth Love Potion is designed to be familiar to those who have been playing other collectible games like CryptoKites. 

What Are The Unique Features Of A Smooth Love Potion?

It is unusual for the in-game currency to be listed on the exchanges such as SLP has; in a way, it is like Nintendo deciding to tie the monetary value to the coins used in Super Mario.

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Nguyen, the founder of the Smooth Love Potion, says that Axies are different from other non-fungible tokens as they need to be nurtured when they have any chance of reaching adulthood. Smooth Love Potion is also unique because of how one of the few in-game tokens is to be listed by Binance in the innovation zone. This exchange has reserved this trading category for assets’ likely to have higher volatility and risk than other tokens.’


How Are Many SLP (Smooth Love Potion) Coins There In The Circulation?

When it comes to tokenomics, the count of the Smooth Love Potion in circulation is somewhat fluid. The reason is how these tokens are burned when new Axies are bred. But, at the time of writing of Smooth Love Potion, the circulating supply was in the tens of millions, and this ERC-29 token does not have a hard cap.

Also, suppose the count of the Axie Infinity players increases substantially. It could result in much higher levels of Smooth Love Potion entering into the ecosystem as more competitors are won and lost. 

Smooth Love Potion rallied to an all-time high (ATH) of $0.3642 on 1st May 2021 and then dumped by almost 75% of its value. The prices proceeded to peak again in July mid to reach a high of $0.3462. Smooth Love Potion has since followed a downward trend.


Where Can You Buy The Smooth Love Potion?

When the Smooth Love Potion was initially launched, it did not have a fluctuating value as cryptocurrency. But, it changed when a liquidity pool for SLP was created on Uniswap. As mentioned above, the Binance Innovation Zone has unveiled the support for the Pokemon-inspired game. The top exchanges where you can currently sell, buy, and even trade the Smooth Love Potion are Binance, KuCoin,, Gemini, FTX, Uniswap V3, OKEx, etc. SushiSwap, and more. Different trading pairs are offered, including SLP/ETH, SLP/USDT, and SLP/BUSD. There is a substantial interest in the Phillippines for the SLP to PHP price and Australia to AUD and Europe for the SLP to the EUR prices. 

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This process means that you may have difficulty purchasing the Smooth Love Potion directly with fiat. As a result, you may have to convert your dollars, pounds, or euros into a mainstream cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

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