How does Ugaoo create green spaces, Indoor, and Outdoor?

Thanks to social media platforms, plant-based podcasts, and online plant subscription services that have been notorious for promoting the thriving business of indoor plants, people are becoming aware of the benefits of having indoor plants. Till now, Indoor plants were always looked at as decor piece. But now people are also exploring the other benefits of having indoor plants. 

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.”

Alfred Austin

The Popularity of Indoor Gardens

For a good reason, the pandemic lockdowns have transformed the business of indoor plants into the next big pandemic trend. For example Ugaoo, a premier initiative has taken to grow indoor gardens and filling the voids in peopleโ€™s social lives with an influx of flora. Plants give us a purpose and need nurture and care to improve our health and well-being.


The Ugaoo Case Study

  1. The Ugaoo case study reveals how the savants use social media to show off their extensive collections and teach viewers how to care for plants.
  2. They have encouraged people through an online community, talking about plants, sharing photos, and supporting each other during the challenging lockdown period.
  3. Since many people were alone, without family and friends, they took to plants, which was very grounding.
  4. Plants are appreciated and gifted for their overarching beauty of life and help you deal with your vulnerabilities. Besides beauty, people are searching for stability and protection.
  5. Plants give you a purpose, however small and need nurture and care, or they will die, so they struggle to live and thrive, which motivates humans.

Why Did Indoor Plants Gain Popularity?

The indoor gardening business suddenly gained momentum as people started sharing the benefits of raising them and adding scientific data of the various benefits provided by plants.

They Are Known to Reduce Stress Levels

According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, plants at your work from home space or your living room can make you feel natural, soothed, and comfortable. This helps deal with blood pressure, pacing heart rate, and physiological and psychological stress, especially those well-accustomed to computerized work.

They Can Sharpen Your Attention

In addition, it has been observed that students with live plants in their surroundings concentrate better and are more attentive.

They Are Therapeutic

Indoor planting is a therapy to deal with mental illness, thus increasing feelings of well-being among people suffering from anxiety, dementia, depression, and other conditions. They are very soothing. 

Indoor Plants Help You Recover Faster

Looking at greenery during the recovery period of surgery, injury, illness, or even the coronavirus fever made people recuperate with shorter stays in hospitals.


Plants Are Known to Boost Your Productivity

A bromeliad and other similar categories of plants in the workspace, as suggested by Ugaoo, increases both productivity and creativity. This has improved job satisfaction and encouraged more commitment to the organization, mitigating job stress, and anxiety.

Environmental Benefits and Improved Quality of Indoor Air

Several species of houseplants freshen the air naturally and are safe for pets and children. For example, Indoor plants like dwarf date, Boston fern, spider plant, lady, areca, rubber tree, and bamboo palms are a few plant varieties that are perfectly safe and have immense sustainable environmental benefits.



Many people are disturbed due to the pandemic and have lost hope to recoup from the trauma of being left alone. The initiative mentioned above by Ugaoo or the simple business of indoor gardening becoming a thriving business proposition for many is a clear example of how indoor plants are not just a decor item, and they are much, much more. Indoor plants have so many benefits that we are just understanding and exploring.

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